The Rise of Civilization in Ancient Egypt Essay

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The Rise of Civilization in Ancient Egypt

In the dry, vast desert land of the river valley aroused a city-state that flourished with the help of the ever flowing Nile River. Egypt was said to be the “Gift of the Nile.” The benefits the Nile River supplied them with, the way their pharaohs ruled their lands, and the detailed architectural achievements the Egyptians discovered were all contributors to how the Ancient Egypt civilization came to be.

The Nile River was the main reason why Egypt grew into a civilization. In order to create a city, you need a source of water for your citizens. The Nile not only gave them this, but it also allowed them to create new technologies for ways to transport the water. Irrigation systems were created so that water could flow freely through the city and be directly transplanted to their agriculture. The Egyptians also relied on the Nile for trade. They would send their ships down it to easily trade with the other river valley civilizations to acquire to materials they didn’t already posses. The Egyptians way of life relied immensely upon their use of the Nile River because it gave them the materials to live their everyday lives.

The Egyptian national life and history started with the pharaoh unifying the kingdom. Menes/Narmer was the first known to unify the upper and lower Nile into the kingdom of Egypt. As Egypt was unified, the kings began gaining more and more power. They were eventually thought of as gods. The kings were expected to keep ma’at, justice and order, all through their kingdom. Responsibilities of a king included keeping the natural force balanced and inviting the annual Nile flood that made agriculture possible. Egyptian pharaohs/kings were very important to the rise of the civilization in Egypt because they took charge of the land and oversaw that all aspects of creating a city were complete.

A huge invention the Egyptians created was the great pyramids. The pyramids were grand structures that could be up to 450 feet tall. These marvelous monuments were used as temples to the great pharaohs and kings and helped them expand in their religion. The Egyptians saw afterlife in the greatest of their people and the pyramids were a way for them to help others reach it. They believed that mummifying a deceased being would allow them to connect closer to their gods. Once they placed the mummy in the pyramid, it was said that their soul would continue on to after life and watch over their people with the gods. The creation of pyramids was important to the rise of the Egyptian Civilization because they brought the citizens closer to their gods and expressed the great architectural talent they had.

Egypt rose as a civilization due to geographical, political, and intellectual reasons. All of the factors to these developments played an immense role on how the Egyptians lived there lives and how their civilization would continue to build in the future.

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