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The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner Essay

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After the first initial reading of this poem it is clear to the reader that there must be more to the tale than just that of a mariner on the high seas. After another reading we are able to determine and comprehend the moral that has been carefully intertwined with the story.

The superstitious nature and unrealistic settings and events contain a dream like nature that allows us to look past the story of the mariner and the Albatross and see the issue contained. Most of the issues written into this poem are ones that are familial such love of nature and life but the dream like context of the play allows us to look anew on them and envisage thoughts and images not previously encountered.

The fact that there is a clear stanza in which a moral is contained is enough evidence that there is a moral to this tale.

“Farewell, farewell! But this I tell

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To thee, thou wedding guest!

He prayeth well, who loveth well

Both man and bird and beast.”


This quotation is the shortest summary of the moral contained within the play yet it is not the only message to be carried by this complicated poem. The many metaphorical reference are open to interpretation by the individual leading to each person gaining something different from the poem each time.


5 Examples of simile

* Like lead into the sea (P5-S15-L4)

* They raised their limbs like lifeless tools- (P5-S11-L5)

* A noise like of a hidden brook (P5-S18-L3)

* The Harbour bay was clear as glass (P6-S17-L1)

* Red as a rose is she (P1-S9-L2)

5 Examples of alliteration

* Water, water, every where,

And all the boards did shrink;

Water, water, every where,

Nor any drop to drink.


* The fair wind blew, the white foam flew,

The furrow followed free:

We were the first that ever burst

Into that silent sea.


* Alone, alone, all, all alone,

Alone on a wide wide sea!

And never a saint took pity on

My Soul in agony.


* Swiftly, swiftly flew the ship,

Yet she sailed softly too:

Sweetly, sweetly blew the breeze-

On me alone it blew.


* Farewell, farewell! But this I tell

To thee, thou wedding guest!

He prayeth well, who loveth well

Both man and bird and beast.


5 Examples of Personification

* The upper air burst into life!

And a hundred fire-flag’s sheen,

To and fro they were hurried about!

And to and fro, and in and out,

The wan stars danced between.


* The Sun, right up above the mast,

Had fixed her to the ocean:

But in a minute she ‘gan stir,

With short uneasy motion –

Backwards and forwards half her length

With short uneasy motion.


* If he may know which way to go;

For she guides him smooth and grim

See, brother, see! How graciously

She looketh down on him.


* The Sun’s rim dips; the stars rush out

At one stride comes the dark


* Around, around, flew each sweet sound,

Then darted to the Sun;

Slowly the sounds came back again,

Now mixed, now one by one.


5 Examples of Metaphors

* Are those her ribs through which the Sun

Did peer, as through a grate?

And is that Woman all her crew?

Is that a death? And are there two?

Is death that woman’s mate.


* The western wave was all a-flame


* Beyond the shadow of the ship,

I watched the water-snakes:

They moved in tracks of shining white,

And when they reared, the elfish light

Fell off in hoary flakes.


* He kneels at morn and noon and eve-

He hath a cushion plump:

It is the moss that wholly hides

The rotted old oak-stump.


* The very deep did rot: O Christ!

That ever this should be!

Yea, slimy things did crawl with legs

Upon the slimy sea.



The appeal to the general reader of ROTAM can be quite varied to different people due to the interpretations that can be made in this piece. The vivid imagery contained within the piece enables the reader to feel as if they are part of the tale and feel the range of emotions experienced by the Mariner. The driving rhythm of the piece of the piece forces the reader to keep reading and suggests a hidden urgency with which the reader must stay with it till the end.

The fact that there is a clear philosophical and moral message conveyed also appeals to the reader. These clear messages are conveyed by the highlighting of certain passages with the use of alliterations, so that they linger in the readers mind afterwards. Another factor that appeals to the reader is the fact that many metaphorical statements are open to interpretation, leading to a feeling of a “Personalised” message contained in the poem.

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