The Right Passengers Essay

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The Right Passengers

1) The story of “the right Passengers” is about a man from Pakistan named Nadeem. He lives in the United States, where he drives a taxi. One night, past midnight and driving through Manhattan, is he looking for the right passengers, after he spend some hours in traffic and thereby need some costumers. He finds this couple, also a Pakistani man, together with some American girl he just met that night. When Nadeem finds out that the boy is also from Pakistan, he starts to be conscious about what the gentleman, as Nadeem calls him, is doing. The girl and the boy annoy Nadeem with all their kissing and grabbing on each other, and since they’re both drunk, he takes a longer way to their destination so he can earn some more money. Nadeem tries to interrupt what they are doing in the backseat and ask the boy if he is married, since most Pakistani people gets married away. Then the girl is being set off, the gentleman and Nadeem talks about “using” America, and then the gentleman falls asleep, and soon Nadeem is at the destination where the boy lives.

2) Nadeem Riaz is a middle classed legal immigrant in American. He drives taxi for living, feeding his family on that salary he gets paid driving that taxi. He is a very original Pakistani man, believing in the Quran, that mean he is a religious man, who has got married away when he was younger. When the boy and girl enter his taxi, he just think about the money at first, but immediately when he begin to drive, their kisses really gets on his nerves. He thinks they’re being so rude to him and his cap. He is normally a good citizen, but can’t stand when another of his own “race” disgrace their culture.

3) Nadeem is taking Faisals’ voice too serious. He is just drunk, actually trying to be nice to him. I think Nadeem should relax some more than that reaction he show us. I don’t understand their culture; it’s normally in Denmark to be like that. Faisal is pushing the wrong button when Nadeem asks him for how long he is going to use her like that, and he then answer him “not as long as you use this country”. Not good. Nadeem is trying to teach Faisal how a Pakistani should be like, telling him short about his life driving a taxi, how he has to be tolerate activities in the back of his cap. Maybe Faisal is telling the truth about not using this American girl, but again, he is drunk though. At the end of their conversation, both Nadeem and Faisal soften up, being nice to each other, before Nadeem turns off the air conditioner trying to reduce the hum in the air so they Faisal will get relaxed and they can start over, in a better way. But luckily for Nadeem, it makes Faisal sleep. It’s okay for Nadeem to talk with Faisal about if he is married, or about to get married, but in matter of fact, Nadeem is a bit rude to Faisal.

4) It would be rough, even for me, to experience such culture changes, just like Nadeem does. People coming from another culture are not used to a Danish culture or an American one. It is hard for them to understand how other people would spend their lives. We can be seen as filthy pigs in some eyes, they can be afraid of us because we have all those human rights to be whoever we want to be. It would be about the same way for an American citizen if he or she moved to a whole new country with rules they barely knew existed. When something is new to people, they’re scared when everything around them is all different. Suddenly you must do that and not do that. And when someone from the other culture is talking to you, you’re afraid that you did something wrong. So being in a new country with a whole different culture can be like entering a whole new world. Everyone is a stranger to you. When you meet a man or woman from your own culture, and you see they have changed into the new society, you kind of get angry inside, thinking why and how they could betray their own beliefs, just like Nadeem act on Faisal when he and that American girl enters his taxi.

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