The RIght College Essay

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The RIght College

In the United States, there are more than 2,000 four-year colleges and universities. Many of these colleges offer excellent education opportunities and many do admit a large number of the students that apply. Every college is different, and they offer different courses to interest a variety of students. I am interested in nursing, so I am looking for a college that offers this program.

So when I began my search for a college, I began to look at several different factors, size of the school and size of each class, the quality of the professors, good student involvement, the graduation rate, distance from home, and the cost. I want a college that offers most or all of these factors because college is expensive and I want to be able to get the best for my needs.

I started looking at colleges a little later than other students but I knew what I was looking for. At first I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go to school. It was difficult looking at schools and narrowing them down but by using the factors that I had set in place I was able to accomplish my goal. I will be attending Southeastern Louisiana University next fall and participating in the nursing program. Southeastern had everything that I was looking for.

The school has an excellent student/teacher ratio, number one nursing program in the state, a high graduation rate, it is only 45 minutes from my house, and the cost is very reasonable. Visiting the school made it easier to decide which school to choose, since I am involved in Student Government and Beta in high school I wanted to go to a school that had good student outreach too. At Southeastern, students are very highly involved in many aspects of campus. Professors know your name at Southeastern. If you are not attending a class, they will notice.

The factors that I had set in place really helped me in my search for a college. I grew up in a small school, it is what I am used to and feel comfortable in and I wanted my education process to stay the same through out college. So as I finish out my high school experience and continue forward with my new college experience, I am looking forward to a great learning experience.

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