The right career path in life Essay

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The right career path in life

Making the right decision is never easy, and this can also be said when it comes to choosing the right career path in life. However, when a person has passion and determination to do something, choosing would not be as difficult. Personally, I chose to be in the field of pharmacy due to numerous reasons. These reasons would not only fulfill me as a person but also as a member of the community. The first reason, and probably the most obvious, is that I am determined to help people, especially patients, to get better and to stay well. Medicines, medical supplies, and other supplements are important contributors to a patient’s health.

I would also be able to provide medical information to those who ask, which would help them make the right decisions in terms of their health. As such, I believe that pharmacists and the field of pharmacy play a major role in the improvement of people’s overall health and condition, and this makes me want to be involved in the field. I also chose this career because it would provide me a wide variety of opportunities where I can contribute my skills and at the same time, acquire significant experience to grow as a person and as a professional.

As a pharmacist, I would be able to work in a community pharmacy as an owner or staff. This would allow me to serve the people in my area who are in need of pharmaceutical assistance. Working inside the hospital where I can work with fellow pharmacists and other health care providers would also help me become more professional. The experience would also teach me more skills on becoming a better pharmacist. Another opportunity would be to work as an industrial pharmacist where manufacturing, sales, and marketing are involved.

There is also the chance to work as a researcher to improve the quality of pharmaceutical products. As a pharmacist, I would be able to directly interact with patients, which would help me understand their pharmaceutical needs. It would also teach me how to become more compassionate to patients and see them as persons who are in need of assistance and not just work. They would give me inspiration to do better and not to forget why I chose this career in the first place. Health care is an important factor of the public’s everyday lives, and it is an honor to become a member of a team that would provide this to the people.

The public see health care providers as people whom they can trust with their health. Pharmacists may not be able to give medical advices or operate medical equipments or take care of patients directly but they are an important factor in the medical management of patients. Further, I believe that this career as a pharmacist would provide me with a stable income and the chance to become flexible in terms of moving up the ladder of professional growth. This is important for me because I would not like to be stuck in a position and not grow professionally.

I believe that I have so much to offer as a person, and this would be enhanced even more when I receive the education and experience from this prestigious academic institution. I am very interested in the medical field, especially in drugs and medications. I firmly believe that these products are one of the key elements in improving the health of patients. As such, I consider pharmacists as important members of the medical team. People only see pharmacists as those who would hand out their medications but they do not realize that pharmacists do much more than just waiting at the counter and give drugs.

As someone who still has many things ahead of her, I definitely believe that goals and plans are important to have. These would help me achieve the things that I want in life with a sense of direction and determination. A degree in Pharmacy would greatly contribute to my achievement of my goals, as many of these involve me working in the field. I know that with the right attitude and the education from your institution, I would be able to become successful in my chosen career.

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