The Right and Wrong Way to Love Essay

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The Right and Wrong Way to Love

What is love? Love is the warm feeling of affection towards someone who you truly care about, having that strong liking and great pleasure for your loved one. When you truly love someone it comes naturally to do what is right. Treating someone that you truly care about with fondness makes and keeps your mate happy. When someone is doing something wrong then distrust and unhappiness soon comes into play. Your mate notices a change in the way you treat and act around them and this is when the problem arises. Love is the most important thing to the survival of the human race because it allows humans to work together.

It plays a vital role in reproduction and compassion it allows us to be able to connect with others. The right ways to loving your mate are listening, being honest, and not keeping any secrets. If you say that you are going to do something then go ahead and do it. Tell your mate that you love them and never abuse them in any way. The wrong way to treat your mate is to tell them that you will do something for them and they trust you to get it done and at the end of the day you haven’t completed the task. Then that’s going to lead to problems, perhaps an argument or the silent treatment will take place.

If for any reason you can’t take care of the task you should exercise common courtesy and contact your mate to see if they will be able to take care of it or if it can wait until a later time. Your word should mean that you are reliable and trustworthy enough to get the job done or inform your mate so that they can make an informed decision as to the severity of the errand. If you consistently do something other than what you have promised that you will do, then your reputation will be a negative one to your mate. Your will be looked at as not being reliable and your credibility is at stake.

Telling your mate that you love them is a right way to love because that shows that you respect them. You should not show out in front of their friends making them feel unloved, and ridiculed. Another way that you can show them that you love them is by admiring them by using complimentary words or gestures. Telling and showing them your mate what it is that you like about them. Some examples are starring in each other eyes, smiling at one another in a loving manner or telling your mate how funny they are and you love they way that they smell.

Noticing their strengths as if you’re unable to open up a jar and your mate is home with you and could open it for you. Commenting after the jar is opened, “what would I do if you were not here”? Every man and woman has their own weakness. Do not use weaknesses against your partner, because you will then start manipulating your mate and cause them to have no respect for themselves and self esteem problems. This means do not show off areas where you are stronger than your mate making them feel unworthy of doing the task.

For example if the male is not as good as the female in poker he will feel weaker if the female keeps on taunting him in that subject. So just forgive his weaknesses and move on. One of the biggest ways to show that you love your mate is to never compare your mate with your ex, because it shows that you still think about the person and are comparing your current to your past. This is a bad idea because no one wants to be compared to an ex. even if it’s a compliment towards the current mate.

If it’s the other way around as in talking bad about your mate and talking good about the ex then that shows a form of disrespect, showing that you like your ex better and are reminding them of memories that you had with the other person. One of the biggest factors to having a positive relationship is to never abuse your mate verbally, physically and/or emotionally. This means that you shouldn’t curse at them or belittle them just because you have had a bad day and lash out at them because you were not able to confront the person who caused the hostility.

Saying foul things to your mate every second of the day is the wrong way to show someone that you love them. One more example of the wrong way to show someone that you love them is by hitting, punching, and throwing objects at your partner. This is not the way to show them no matter how upset you are with them. The best thing to do is walk away, go outside or leave for some fresh air to calm down and become in a rested mind. Physical abuse is on the rise, but it needs to be stopped because there are too many people really getting hurt and traumatized by the abuse they have gone through.

Having the physical marks and or scars to remind them of what they have been through. Don’t say things to hurt your mates feeling because emotional abuse can shut down the person on the inside creating scars that are hard to patch up. Never abuse anyone because this could really mess up their life forever and will make you feel guilty of your actions. Always listen to your mate and offer your advice/ opinion on what’s being spoken about at that time because listening to your mate is what makes a relationship work.

So by really listening to your artner you can give them your undivided attention then acknowledge what your mate has said and give them your opinion on it. In addition to the right way to love your mate is that your relationship should be based on honesty which begins with integrity. Honesty strengthens the relationship and if the relationship is based on lies you can’t trust your partner nor can your partner trust you then there is no foundation for the relationship. Don’t keep secrets because it can damage the relationship and the outcome can become very devastating.

Sharing your secrets with your mate can be beneficial for the relationship that way you both get to know each other. There are right ways to love and there are also the wrong ways to love. As for one cheating on your mate is not a good sign because then you will be hurting the person that you are with. Some of the signs that can be shown to see if someone is cheating on you are if your mate constantly brings your gifts for no reason when they had stop doing that a while ago. Your mate becomes moody and never wants to speak with you.

If they are always on their phone in a room that you are not in or they take the call outside. They are always having an excuse to not spend time with you. The wrong way to love your mate is by picking fights out of the blue. Usually this is done because they feel guilty for doing something behind their mates back. Fighting occurs also when someone doesn’t want their mate to join them in activities indoors or outdoors and also if they have had a long day at work and it didn’t go so well, so now they are in a bad mood which could lead to fights coming out of the blue.

Their mate tries to comfort them and they just get shut out to be left alone. Having a mate with wandering eyes can make their partner feel jealous or insecure so most relationships try not to do that because it is the wrong thing to do. Someone who has a wandering eye shows lack of caring toward their mate, it can be considered offensive and can be the first sign of cheating and that your mate is planning on looking for a new relationship to move on to. Another way that can be considered the wrong way to love is to always leave your mate at the house when going out with friends or even family members.

Leaving your mate at home can make them feel suspicious about you. It can leave them thinking to themselves why did they even get in a relationship with you if you are constantly going to be out and not having the quality time to spend with one another. If your partner would rather hang out with someone else who they claim that they don’t have any feelings for its not that they want to make you feel insecure about the relationship, they just might feel that they need some free time away.

Also don’t take your partner for granted because you don’t know what you will be losing until it is gone and by the time you try to get back with them it might be too late. Don’t stop listening to them just to spike them because that’s a rude thing to do and because you are upset with your partner. Your partner if they truly love you the right way will not neglect, abuse or cheat on you. Communicating with your partner is very important as well as being a great listener and being able to provide an objective opinion if it is needed from your mate.

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