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The rhetoric and reality of employee involvement Essay

Essay Topic:

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Introduction – The acceptable business paradigm changed over time. There was a time when the accepted concept of effective management relied largely on what the top management thinks best for the company, leaving the rest of the company especially blue collar workers with little or no participation at all in how a company grows and changes over time.

As what Gupta and Sharma (2004) wrote, “The old fashioned view of employee involvement – employee following the employer’s instruction in return for wage – encourages employees to be passive, take a little initiative and often view themselves as adversaries of the enterprise and its management (Gupta and Sharma, 2004, p.


But today, many business analysts believe in the concept of employee involvement and participation. This is a broad concept which includes many things (i.e. employee empowerment, proactive approach towards policy assessment, etc), but the basic precept of employee involvement is the conscious effort of the management to design a workplace that allows employees to actively participate in the manner by which the company moves towards its direction.

The concept of employee involvement and participation is an important aspect in successful management of a company. Gennard and Judge (2005) wrote, “There is this important assumption behind employee involvement theory – namely, the employees are an untapped resource with knowledge and experience which can be used by employers if they provide opportunities and structures for worker involvement (Gennard and Judge, 2005, p. 182).”

But the main problem today is this: despite the fact that many worker’s rights advocates and business analysts points to the significance of employee involvement in a company, it seems that the concept of employee involvement remains to be a myth; that present organization and structure still renders employee involvement and participation as something that has no bearing at all.

Thesis – With the growing surge in the development of professional service consultancy firms, people are also wondering about the exact role and impact that human analyst and employees make during the key stages of analysis. In the age of smart computers and complex software that aids people to think and opt for the best possible option and assists in company management, the question now is (externally) how significant really is the role of the human analysts in the designing of the options for decision making for the company’s client, and (internally), how significant is employee participation in the direction and growth of the company like Analysys Mason Ltd.

As a company, Analysys Mason Ltd greatly depends on the skill of its employees so that it can deliver solutions that pushes away existing or prospective problems that a company might face. This act is a clear example of the role of human intervention and role in problem solving. But is this particular solution, the employing of the human role and intervention – is the same formula at work when Analysys Mason Ltd is faced with the task of solving its own internal problems, or does the company exercise a policy that greatly marginalizes the role and participation of the employee in how internal corporate concerns are being addressed in the company? T

o be able to ascertain the role and participation of employees in the external and internal efforts of the company and to know whether the company is either suffocating the avenues wherein employee involvement would thrive or ignoring the possible contribution of employee involvement towards company growth, it is important to make an in-depth study of the company as well as review news and other materials that may contain information that can prove the real situation of employee involvement inside Analysys Mason Ltd.

To be able to further understand the concept of employee involvement and participation and connect it with the current situation present in the selected company, it is important to also review the available literature that tackles the issue of employment involvement, like the work of Bratton and Gold (2001), who wrote about how “the aim of employee involvement is to promote workers’ interest in the success of the organization (Bratton and Gold, 200, p. 300).”

Conclusion – The analysis of the level of employment involvement using a target company is an ideal approach to creating a company based-assessment from which future studies can be referenced from.  Through studies like this, other important information like the pooling of the needed resources to allow the success of employment involvement strategies can be identified.


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