The research methodologies Essay

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The research methodologies

Statistics will help me put the point across that I’m trying to argue quickly, people find it easier to understand statistics and will be more focused on statistics then a block of writing. It’s visual and people are more likely to take in and remember statistics. Not very descriptive, doesn’t go into detail about the how’s and the whys it just states facts.


Quantitative – questionnaires

I’ve chosen this as it helps me get first-hand information, and different opinions on under 16’s drinking. I will find out different people’s views, this will help give me support to back up different points. Its only from a selected source, it will only come from under 16 years old so it might be limited on the views I get. It is very time consuming and takes time to write out the questions, ask people to take part and fill one out, collect them all in and the read the data. Secondary

Qualitative – using the internet, books

I will use the internet and books to find out the depth about how it harms young people and how much it affects their life. The internet and books will also help if I need to find more information to support what I’m saying. Get views from loads of different perspectives, not limiting my research down to just my own view. It’s other people’s information, so it may be classed as copy right if I use it. It would also be research tailored for what they were researching instead of what I am looking for in particular so may be completely irrelevant to my research.


Quantitative- interview

I have chosen this so I can find out from professionals the real health issues drinking has. I then have scientific evidence to back up my points and research. They have knowledge and experience which I will not have and ma not find on the internet, they will also have their own intake on drinking at a young age which will help m research. They would have to be professional in what they say.

Quantitative- articles

I will use articles, as researchers would have had to use a range of information to get their end article so they will get the best information so people will want to read it. They will only use the best information.

The articles need to be relevant to the research I’m doing, which may be hard to find.

These will help me in expanding my point further, by showing visual examples. This will be helpful so it can break up the text, and make the research more interesting. Too many pictures may distract people from my research and too little will make it less interesting.


Quantitative- laws and legislation

I will use these to point out that it is against the law to drink underage and how these laws are only trying to protect young people. This will remind people it’s not a choice whether you drink or not, it’s the law. This will support the argument about not drinking. This isn’t actually what people comply with and it doesn’t show peoples thoughts and feelings.


Qualitative- surveys

I will carry out surveys to see how many people under the age of 18 drink alcohol. They will let me know how many people drink out the people I ask, and then I can expand my research around it. Asking a selected group, who may all be for underage drinking or all against it, so it is important to have a variety of people.

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