The Relationship of Patriarchy to Society and Its Representation in Literature and Popular Culture

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Patriarchy is the term used to refer to male domination in a society or in the household. In a patriarchal society, the man holds more power and usually makes all decision. This essay will discuss patriarchy in relation to society and to its representation in literature and popular culture. As mentioned above, a patriarchal society is a male dominated society. In such a society, the women have little or no say about decisions. Men occupy more seats in politics and they are the one who usually work and bring money at home.

The role of the women in a situation of patriarchy is therefore to be passive and the responsibility of housework rests on her shoulder.

They take care of the children and the household. Even literature has not discarded the issue of patriarchy. Moliere for example has exploited the theme of patriarchy through the famous character of Harpagon who imposes on his daughter, the marriage to an old man. And in such a situation of patriarchy, the daughter has no say but to accept this as an order from his father.

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Whatever the men say becomes the final words of any conversation. Women just had to obey the orders of either father or husband. Popular culture also perpetuates stereotypes regarding patriarchy. In an advertisement regarding cooking appliances or anything having to do with cooking, it is always the women who is seen in the kitchen while the man is waiting for food to be prepared. Also, for advertisement regarding cars, it is always the man who is seen driving the car.

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So, it can be seen that patriarchy was a serious social issue long ago. But even nowadays, the echoes of patriarchy are still being heard. It is still perpetuated through literature and popular culture and is seen all around us.

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