The Relationship Between Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn

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Realize that you can develop life long friendships with the unlikeliest of people. The crazy relationship between Huck Finn is an unlikely one, while one lives in a respected and loved family, the other is abandoned on the streets by his family. While one boy in liked by almost everyone in the community, the other is ‘the juvenile pariah of the village’ and ‘son of the town drunkard’ (33). But it’s the differences in Tom and Huck that make their friendship so special.

By the end of the book Tom and Huck had so many adventures together, from pirates to Indians, and then hunting for buried treasure they were inseparable and the best of friends.

Hope thatby letting kids read this book, it will allow them to become aware of the racism and bad words that were used back in those days and enforce that they should not be repeated again. There has been a huge debate whether the Tom Sawyer series should be allowed in school or not, because of it use of bad words such as the n’ word and racism throughout the book.

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Injun Joe shows that he is conscious of his own racial identity and they do suggest that he has been a victim of prejudice. Where he gets ‘horsewhipped in front of the jail, like a nigger!and with all the town looking on.” (29.30)

In many schools they have removed the series completely from the library, but I think this is the worst route to go.

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Twain’s books give up so much insight into what life was like in the 1800’s and kids should be able to know these things. Although some words and actions might not be politically correct in this day and age, back in the day these were the thoughts and actions of everyone. So we need to let kids understand that what might of been okay back then, is no longer acceptable now, by doing so we can prevent racism and bad words like that from being repeated in the future.

Wish that I had lived back in those days to see what life was like for them. What it was like to live in a ‘ poor little shabby village of St. Petersburg, Missouri’ (5). To see what day to day life might of consisted of when there was no electricity or phones. Tom and his friends seems to have such a blast playing outside all the time. Although the book helps you get a lot of insight, and that time travel could never be possible, to see it directly would be something very surreal. See that Tom Sawyer resembles The boy who cried wolf. At the beginning of the book, Tom would get himself into so many mischievous things, getting into trouble and the wrong places.

In chapter 3, Sid, Tom’s younger brother breaks a bowl by accident, and straight away Aunt Polly blames Tom for the careless act. But he pleaded, ‘hold on, now, what er you belting me for? — Sid broke it!'(16). But Aunt Polly doesn’t believe him, Tom had done for many bad things before, that one time when he actually didn’t do it, nobody believed him. Just like the boy who cried wolf. He screamed so many times that there was a wolf, even when there was none, for when a wolf actually came, everyone though he was lying and no one showed up.

Believe that you can find love at any age. It all start on ‘monday morning [when] Tom Sawyer [was] miserable’ (31). He moped into class late, like usual, of course not wanting to be there. But his outlook on the day changed when he spotted Becky Thatcher in the classroom. Tom got in trouble on purpose to have to ‘sit with the girls’ (38) and be able to sit beside Becky. Throughout the book they showed their love for each other. After getting married and having a little kiss for the first time. It shows how much Tom really cared for Becky all the way to the end of the book, when it looked like they were going to die in the cave. Tom never stopped reassuring her that they were going to get out. And when all hope was basically lost becky fell asleep ‘crying in Tom’s arms'(164).

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The Relationship Between Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn

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