The Relationship Between Human and Nature Essay

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The Relationship Between Human and Nature

After reading the article in our text book Is weather getting worse, I learn that despite of the increased disasters brought about by bad weather, scientists are hesitant to say the weather is getting worse for lack of strong data to prove the statement. As harsh weather happens infrequently, it is difficult for scientists to come up with enough scientifically sound statistics. Besides, even if they had good numbers, the present computer resolution is still too coarse to be able to make definite predictions.

Although the hypothesis that global warming is to blame for harsh weather arouses wide attention among scientists, no one can provide enough evidence to prove it. El Nino is the periodic warming of the equatorial Pacific that induces storms and other climatic events, historically occurs once every three or seven years and lasts for up to two years. It can cause storms, floods, droughts, and secondary effects like fires. I also referred to some other articles about human and nature, one of which is called The Role of Animal-derived Remedies as Complementary Medicine in Brazil.

In this article, they report on the use of 283 medicinal animal species in Brazil, 96% of which are wild caught and 27% of which are on one or more lists of endangered species. Further population declines may limit users’access to these bioresources and diminish the knowledge base upon which traditional medicine is built. Though largely different, these articles lead me to think of the relationship between human and nature. I am a girl deeply in love with nature, the plants, the animals, the rivers, the mountains, and I have a date with the grassland.

When I was 10 years old, I was shocked by the breath-taking beauty of the intriguing grassland on TV, hoping that one day I could ride on a fine horse gallopping across the vast plain. Now I am 20 years old and not a long time later, I will be armed with enough time and money to travel to the grassland. But I am worried. I am afraid that the grassland will disappear totally before I am able to embrace it because of human beings’ cruel activity of destroying nature. It is widely known that nature, the environment which human beings live by, s magnificent and unique.

There is only one earth with super living conditions in the universe. We should have cherished nature and preserved it. Conversely, however, we have been continually spoiling it, even to a shocking degree. Now let’s see what we have done. Thousands of trees have been cut down per year, which has caused soil erosion. Hundreds of thousands of tons of CFCS have been left in the higher sky in the last decade which has led to the ozone layer leak above the South Pole that covers an area of that of the United States.

Million tons of fuel containing nitrogen and sulphur have been consumed per year, which has eventually resulted in acid rain throughout the world. Similarly, ecology has been affected as well. And considerable number of species have been extinct. As the years go by, many creatures, common in the past, are becoming less and less, even rare. The Tibet antelope, for instance, is a good example. Since the antelopes of Tibet have a part of fur on their body which can be made into a precious cape, driven by some lawless dealers many villagers killed antelopes excessively and shocking for the large suns of fortune.

Because of this, the number of the antelopes of Tibet has sharply fallen from over one million to less than one hundred thousand. And what’s more, the number has now decreased by 20 thousand per year. Qing Zang Platean, which was their homeland, is their tombs now. This is how nature has suffered what we have done to it. However, nature can’t suffer any more. She lost her temper and could no longer possibly put up with humans. She gave humans harsh punishment, which she thought they deserved. The acid rain has caused the less of more than 100 billion dollars throughout the world per year.

And because of desertisation, soil is becoming more and more barren. The soil of many planes is now until for growing plants. The air is less fresh, and a lot of people even get many strange diseases. The acid rain has caused the loss of more than 100 billion dollars throughout the world per year. And because of desertisation, soil is becoming more and more barren. The air is less fresh, and a lot of people even get many strange diseases. Those are all the punishments of nature to human’s pollution. On the other hand, human being suffer a lot as well.

The period from now to the year of 2080, the global average temperature will rise by 2-4 centigrades. 1100-3200 million people will have trouble in getting safe and clean drinking water. 200-600 million people will be threatened with starvation. 200-700 million residents of the coastal regions will suffer catastrophic floods and waterlogging. So it leads to a serious of questions– Why can’t we live harmoniously with nature? Why can’t we set a balance between human and nature? Why can’t we pay more attention to nature and try to reserve it?

Therefore, before we take immediate measures to do something, we should be aware of the fact that “Conquering nature” will never be our goal, instead, we should look on nature as our intimate friend. Preserving nature is not only preserving our home, but the civilization of human community as well. My dear friends, let’s do something to protect our earth, our home. Let’s reserve a blue sky for the birds, a piece of ice for the polar bears, a body of water for the fish and a grassland for me to travel to.

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