The recruitment documentation Essay

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The recruitment documentation

Recruitment is the process when an employer is looking to hire someone. I will be looking at TESCO as a business which I think is closely working on the H.R department. This is because many times in the year they recruit new employees as at some points in the year the store gets very busy and as of that they recruit new staff. So when the store is getting really busy and sales have been increasing They need to coordinate and recruit new staff to meet the sales targets.

However this is when Tesco have coordination of team resources. In TESCO they work as a team to meet targets. This is because some staff might not be well so staff from other department who are not working can cover for them and do overtime. This is how they meet one of their targets. However coordinating with each other and working together they can finish the job done and reach the sales targets. This is when staff has many job roles to do and are set different targets. From every department of Tesco there is a manager who monitors the performance of staff to see if they are putting in their best and are doing what they have been told to do. Or if they have been set any targets, have there targets been completed.

Relationship with other department in Tesco is that they get along very well. The managers of each department report about how each department is doing and if the store is doing good. At Tesco they have an establishment of a good working ethic and professional culture, such as levels of forming and appearance.

They are straight forward and will scrutinise you if you are not in the right uniform or you are looking a bit rough. They advise all of their employees to dress well and have a good standard of hygiene. This is important because they have to keep themselves clean as they will be touching products such as the bakery, The staff will be touching the bread and other food products so they must clean there hands before touching the products. Tesco expect there staff to give a good impression to all of their customers. TESCO analyse their staff’s behaviour to see if they are polite to the customers and to see how they engage with customers.

Encouragement is something Tesco has done in a very creative and unique style. This is done as the managers encourage staff to learn form their mistakes. Encouragement from the manger and other staff will give the employee a boost and motivate him to his job role. Also if the employees have a problem they can talk to Tesco about it and find a solution.

In TESCO they give out incentives to staff to show them appreciation for their hard work. You will get your wages and you will get rewards and bonuses to show that Tesco appreciate your hard work.

They will also give you a staff discount and many other incentives to keepthem working for Tesco and to make them work harder.

As it gets busy at times in the year Tesco are always looking to recruit new faces but they keep the experienced one.

This is because by keeping experience workers who have been at the company for a long period of time they will be able to help the newly employed staff. They need to keep the right experienced worker as they are trained and experienced in their job and also to help the new staffs settle in.

TESCO have contracts of employment where the staff will sign a contract Stating their responsibilities, what the company expects off them, and the rules and regulations. It important you read over it so you know the rules and regulations. They also have the job description which outlines your specific job role in the store. Staffs also have other hob roles at different times but this is not on the job description as it may just be covering for someone.


Job description

Job title: sales assistant

Department: grocery department

Job description

Help to assist the staff to sell more groceries and make sure the customers like the shopping. Approach customers politely and turn up on time.

Responsibilities: my responsibilities are to increase the sale and create an amazing shopping experience for the customers. However by doing this I can help the customers by answering any question as well as presenting the store as a friendly environment. Other duties and responsibilities which I hold are:

• turn up on time
• offer advise to customers
• dealing with customer queries
• meeting the targets
• inform customers about the sales going in the store

P2 -Describe the employability, personal and communication skills when applying for a specific job roles.

If you are looking for employment you must have a range of employability skills and qualifications. I have many qualifications as I have passed my English and maths GCSE which I got Cs in both. However I got other GCSE’s such as history C, Science C and also a merit for I,t.

I am also very patient and for example I can sole problems with others without using violence. I am also Hardworking and I have very good communication and team working skills. I also meet all my aims and targets before the deadline due to my good timekeeping skills. .

I have experience in a similar role as I once worked as an assistant

Supervisor and a sales assistant in a corner shop. By gaining this Experience it will help me as I have an idea of what I have to do. It will also help me think about what difficulties will come in my way. For example if a customer does not like the product or service which been provided by the store. And I can use my knowledge to make the customer and the company happy. Also I have been shopping at Tesco for many years and I know where what product is and I also have basic knowledge of the store and how it is run.

In Tesco specific goals are set for a department as a team or individually. However I can do reach these goals as I am a team player but also can work independently. if there is a problem with targets that I was I will speak to my manager and ask him for help or ask my colleagues for help.

I can observe and analyse on how the staffs in TESCO are raising in professional standard better then I am. By observing the staff I can take some knowledge and use it my self on how to work better and improve on the work place. Like wise I can take in some knowledge on how to negotiaite with colleagues and resolve any conflict

Personal skills

I have many skills which will benefit me and other people working in TESCO. This due to my skills like being patient, patience helps you overcome your problem and also makes sure you do not rush anything and take your time will doing whatever you’re doing. For example the lines at the checkout can get very busy and customers can be frustrated waiting in the line so you have to be patient and get the products checked quickly. this makes both customers and staff happy because of the quick service they been providing.

If you can work as a team you can get through your tasks quick and also it helps boost your social skills. Having good communication and team working skills help me get through my tasks quicker as I’m communicating with staffs and getting along with them and they can help me finish quicker.

Having good interpersonal skills will benefit me because I can improve my communication skills and learn from others. Having this skill can improve your manor of speaking especially towards customers

Through co-operating with others I can assist colleagues and managers and they can assist me in my work. However the H.R department can put them in a department which they can work together and agree with the line managers and resolve conflicts when it occurs. You can cooperate and agree targets which have been set by the manager and by doing that you will have good co-operation with your manager.

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