The Recruit Essay

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The Recruit

The book The Recruit by Robert Muchamore is an adventure packed story about a boy called James Choke who makes some bad decisions and is sent to prison where he spends the night in a cell and wakes up in the morning in a completely different location. James has been relocated to the campus of Cherub. Something that interested me in the story was how Cherub used teenagers to spy. Agents were used to find evidence and stop terrorist plots to kill people. Cherub used the agents because people wouldn’t be suspicious that a child would be a spy.

Think about it if your child brought a friend home and he acted like a normal child and appeared to be normal would you expect him/her to be spying on your each and every phone call, email, and movement? Quote: “although there have been many technical advantages in intelligence operations since cherub was founded, the reason for its existence remains the same: adults never suspect that children are spying on them. ” An important character in the novel the recruit is James Choke.

James Choke or agent James Adams is important because he is the newest recruit at the cherub campus and he joins an exciting mission to stop a terrorist group called “Help Earth” from releasing anthrax bacteria into the air at a conference centre. The story follows James from when he was a normal teenager to when he is a member of the Cherubs team. An exciting piece of the story is when James Adams goes on his first mission. James’ first mission takes place in a hippy camp called Fort Harmony.

James and Amy Collins must befriend the hippies and find out more about the potential attack at Petrocon (where world leaders are meeting for an oil conference) by the terrorist group Help Earth. The two discover a plot to release anthrax bacteria into the air at the conference centre. They discover this when James discovers a secret hide out underground. They find a container filled with the bacteria and James is admitted to hospital because of suspicions that he may have the bacteria in his body.

James finds a storage tray in Fire and World Dunn’s remote control cars. The trays were going to be used to transport the bacteria to the air conditioning units. They were caught before they could launce their attack at Petrocon. I was pleased to find out that in turn James was rewarded for outstanding effort with a navy shirt (the shirt represents the level they are at), the satisfaction of completing his first mission, and the knowledge that he had saved 200 people’s lives.

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