The Reasons Why You Should Consider the Pros and Cons of Getting a Pet

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There can be some moments where having a pet seems like a big mistake and depending on the situation can make you completely regret owning one. As an avid animal lover who has lived with numerous pets throughout my whole life, I can definitely say this thought has crossed my mind a few times. Whether it‘s coming home to a tipped over trash can and a huge mess. or laying in bed at the end of the day only to feel some dreaded mysterious liquid on your back, the situation never fails to disappornt me.

Some people with pets may also find themselves unlucky enough to go through these problems. I believe that with any good thing in life comes it’s downsides. You may really be craving that bowl of ice cream after eating six slices of pizza.

Why not, it’s cheat day afterall right? I hope I’m not the only one guilty of this. but oh man was that ice cream insanely delicious.

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The only problem is that now my body hates myself for eating it. This is completely relatable to pets because there are times where you find nothing but compassion and bliss in giving them affection and having their affection given upon to you. Imagine sprawled out in bed with a fluffy kitten next to you, purring away as you stroke its cute little head. Now the very next day, you are slipping on your favorite shoes to head to the store and you feel something wet… you turn around and there is the evil-doer himself, meowing and then running away as he sees your unpleasant expression.

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Anybody who has had a pet has had some moment like this.

Considering these things. this is where the positives and negatives get very contrastive. There are more things to consider than messes In the house when acquiring a new pet, these negatives may come with allergic reactions; which you should definitely be aware of prior to purchasing a pet. As long as you don’t have any allergies, this is not an issue many people have to deal with. However, a more common issue that people should spend time thinking about is how much a pet may cost. The cost of shots. potential neutering. and routinely purchasing pet food can amount to quite a lot of cash. There is also the factor of how much time it wrll take to fix a problem when it comes to your pets. Permanent solutions to bad behavior and ‘messes’ are available but they will take time.

In a blog post on Huffington Post by they quote “Make sure you and/or your spouse have the time and energy to take care of the animal’s needs, or it and its effects on your home can become quite unmanageable” (HuffingtonPost, 1) You must sit down and decide if you are able to work this into your budget. Concluding, there may be valid reasons why a pet is a no-no for some people And there definitely are exceptions where owning one may be nearly impossible at your current stage of life. If a pet is not right for you then it may bring stress and hardship to your household instead of joy and happiness. I would advise someone to consider all of these things before jumping into a responsibility much bigger than what appears to be such a small easy thing to take care of.

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