The Reasons Why Gang Violence Should Stop

I think gang should be more careful on what they are messing with and what they are doing Cops should improve a little actually a lot on stopping them. I would want to decrease the Impact of gangs. Reasons why I want to stop gang Violence. 3 reason number 1 they will kill citizens, immigrants. Reason number 2 if nobody does not stop it espeoially the police the gangs will keep doing what they are doing and do something worse than what they were doing.

Reason Number 3 gang members could increase. Gangs could do lots of bad things we don’t them to do that we want it to stop. Gangs involve killing gang’s murdered people for a long time. They kill immigrants people at their homes and others. That is why we want the president of the United States to stop it. We want the president to have cameras in every block in every state. We want helicopters to be in the air for 12 hours.

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And last but not least we want the president to let have of the military I check each state for violence. If nobody stops gang’s violence it will keep going important reasons that I want to stop. Gangs know that not a lot of police stops gangs that police sometimes don’t care. And know that the president of the United States never orders people to do something about it.

We are demanding 21000.000 dollars and we will handle it all. We are trying hard to stop gangs we are actually sacrificing to stop gangs.

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so far we stop 21 gang members and one of our people died from the gangs guns went in his brain rip my friend JOY MACKERN. Gangs will eventually increase if they are not stopped. They will do what they what they desire and eventually spread around the world. If gangs increase that will be a disaster it will be like it was the end of the world except gangs are taking over. Gangs have to be stopped who knows what they would do maybe assented the president or the commander of the military and others. In conclusion gangs will keep on doing what they are doing if nobody stops them. they will kill citizens. and immigrants and gangs members will increase. That’s whyl think gang should be stopped from what they’re doing to humanity and them selves.

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