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The reason being I am a twin Essay

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I value original thinkers. Being original is something which is terribly important to me. The reason being I am a twin. Non-identical and extremely different, yet still a twin. I hate being similar. I think it somehow devalues me as a person. The world without originality is a world without intrigue and imagination. Unbelievably boring. That is not me and, hopefully never will be. What the world needs is new ideas, as old ones, however improved are basically the same. To progress as a human race, individual or group, originality is a necessity.

It provides us with new technology, new ways of life and if, you are the the orginal thinker, a sense of importance and public appreciation. I didn’t want to write this essay on bereavement, achievement or ambition. No No No. I wanted to break away from the structures “same old same old” essay writing. How better to do that than a personal reflective essay on originality? As mentioned previously my strive for originality comes from being a twin. From a very young age my brother and I were compared. Sometimes dressed the same. I found it unbearable.

I see my “pro-original thinking” stance as a rebelling act so to speak. Making up for years of torment and rage building up inside of me. Not being able to express myself as an individual was hard. Now I can, so here I am! George Orwell, John Logie Baird, Mary Quant (The inventor of the mini-skirt way back in the Nineteen Sixties). These three people have shaped the way we live our lives. Without George Orwell we wouldn’t have “Big Brother”, not to mention some of the best literature ever written. Without John Logie Baird we wouldn’t be able to watch “Big Brother” as the televison would never have been invented.

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Finally without Mary Quant, males all over the world would struggle to ogle a pretty young lady in quite the fashion that we do today! Seriously though, without Mary, fashion as a whole would very possibly have taken a different course. Now what do you think of original thinkers? One day I would like to have a place in society similar to the one these people occupy. To influence society as greatly as they did is a personal goal. I feel that it is something I must do. I think the original, original thinkers set the benchmark. I can only hope to follow. I enjoy seeing new ideas being implemented into society.

Each and every one of us is unique. Why can’t our thoughts be? That is the point! They can! I hate copying. I hate lazy people and I hate boredom. People need to learn to say what they feel and then act upon it. Too many so called individuals follow the crowd. Well stop! Do something for yourself for a change. Interestingly though, this need for originality in society is fairly new. I feel that it comes from the public’s fascination with breaking away from the habits and actions of the past to establish their new ideas in the future thus proving that evolution helps people generally.

It is from this that people now view being original as a “must-have” quality. I admittedy must stop and think sometimes whether my pursuit for originality is as a result of my wants and needs or whether it is because I have seen what other people have achieved previously. In a nutshell, do I want to be original for me or to carry on the past trend. This in itself I find very ironic. The whole concept of originality is to create or be something new and different, yet my strive for it may be fueled by events in the past.

One thing that does bother me is that originallity is becoming a trend. This I feel is quite damaging in the sense that it devalues original thinking as people want to be original because Mr. X is doing it and then it catches on and Mrs Y is now copying Mr. X. Originality should come naturally to those that are hallowed with this essential quality, not sought after because it is the latest must have character trait. The problem is those who are lucky enough to be a true original thinker don’t express their voice. They just copy what everyone else is doing.

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