The Real Price of Your Dreams

I have heard many people running after their dreams to fulfill them. The question is at the cost of what? To what extent will they go to fulfill their dreams? The definition of dream has now changed from merely a set of visuals people get while sleeping at night to the abstract idea of dream being any circumstance, object or lifestyle a person wants to achieve. We can say that dreams are a subjective matter and interests only a particular group of people but what about multinational enterprises and business models aiming as vultures to feed on the dreams of individual for their own profit and benefit.

It doesn’t stop there, as said above I feel the individuals also can cross their limits to fulfill their ‘Dreams”. The people act as a breeding ground for these business model vultures to lure the prey into their traps. Let me give you an example; The standard of a beautiful woman in countries like ours starts at having a fair and spotless skin.

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It might surprise you when I make this statement so boldly but trust me this is the condition in most of the households. If you ask why, well it is because of the idea that a woman with fair and spotless skin will get a good husband and a better life thereafter. When this idea is fed by the society to little girls it’s quite normal for them to have a dream to get a good husband which will be fulfilled through clean and fair skin.

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These dreams become a breeding ground for economic profit for many companies promising them a clean skin. But does it really work? Well even if it doesn’t people won’t stop trying, because they so badly want to fulfill their dreams which I seem to find pretty amusing!

The above is a very micro level intervention of the companies targeting the individual insecurities but it doesn’t stop there. We can see how it has reached up to the macro level that is playing with the minds of humans as a whole. It takes humans away from the present and helps them to dream for a better future. We forget that if we make our today better, we will have a tomorrow otherwise tomorrow is not guaranteed. As quoted by Neil Degrasse Tyson, the profound astrophysicist: “The day we have the power to turn Mars into Earth, that day we will have the power to turn earth into the earth.” This quote was the impeding factor to make me think about how we humans are dreaming for the great to happen at the cost of everything. We are aiming so hard to build a world for ourselves in some other planet, ignoring the reality that shows that we can use our energy in making our own earth sustainable. We are so blinded by the notion of fulfilling our abstract dreams that at the cost of loss of money and loss of humanity, we are ready to build a dream that might not even be achievable in real.

Hence to empower people to come out of their dreamy bubble and step into the real life is for me an intellectual challenge that will be indeed very hard to change. From my side I have started to come out of my own bubble. I have started to take a day at a time and to try and take positive agendas. For people to come out of their bubble they will need to have the realization that I had. For this, people have to come out of the comfort of ideal dreams and live the reality to grow and flourish as a human. I believe if we start living in reality, we will have much less insecurities and problems. We will indeed be a species that will be looked up in the eternal history.

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