The Real Hero in Uncle Tom's Cabin, a Novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Uncle Tom’s Cabin was written with parallelism and contrasts especially within the characters of the book. Religion plays a big role in the personalities of the characters along with the location from where they were raised. For example Miss Ophelia and Legree’s mother served as two females from the north who were against slavery. Mr. Shelby and St. Clare who lived in the south knew slavery was unjust but continued to practice it because of the status quo and lack of ambitions to make a difference.

Eva and Legree on the other hand are incomparable in their personality. The young child is a devout Christian however Legree would do anything to abolish all Christianity. Uncle Tom akin to Eva was the protagonist of the story as well as the hero of the novel. His actions left a lasting effect on the readers and portrayed symbolism. Uncle Tom showed heroism in his lasting trust in god. He believed if he prayed to god, he would be sent to heaven.

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Uncle Tom thought if you repent you could still be sent to heaven despite the sins someone had done in their past. Uncle Tom persuaded many characters to have faith in god and pray. An important turning point within the novel was when Tom sacrificed his life to avoid breaking his morals. He chose to be beaten to death instead of revealing the hiding place of two fugitives.

Uncle Tom held christ-like piety and forgiveness to those who sinned. Uncle Tom is known as a hero for the actions he affected in the future from his death.

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George Shelby, who witnessed his death, freed all his slaves because of his reaction to what slavery caused. He never wanted to see another slave suffer as Uncle Tom did. Uncle Tom’s Cabin symbolized freedom for the slaves in the Shelby plantation. His death related back to Tom’s religion. Uncle Tom’s dedication to following his morals killed him but allowed him to gain what he wanted, freedom for slaves. Although, the law wasn’t eradicated, the action was a start to the abolitionist movement. Uncle Tom’s help for others also gave him the role as a hero. Uncle Tom not only assisted the remaining slaves within the Shelby plantation after his death but his former slaves such as Eliza and Harry. He urged them to escape for Canada to obtain freedom. Uncle Tom helped Cassy and Emmeline flee the plantation for freedom as well.

Cassy was stopped by Uncle Tom from killing Legree because Uncle Tom didn’t want Cassy to be punished when she died. He wanted everyone to go to heaven if possible. As much as a loathsome, pitiful plantation the Legree’s was, Tom helped the poor slaves. When picking cotton, Tom would add some of his picked cotton to other baskets and do extra work to fill his to the certain amount required. Uncle Tom did everything he could to make his fellow workmates lives better; sacrificing his life to be dreadful. The hero of Uncle Tom’s Cabin can vary due to opinion, however I believe Tom should be labeled as the main hero of the story. His devotion to Christianity expressed his heroic qualities. Tom’s commitment to religion made him sacrifice his life portraying him as a Christian matryr. Uncle Tom’s help for others gained him the role as a hero of the novel also. The noble slave’s actions are recognized and remembered by the Shelby plantation. Uncle Tom’s belief in god was the first step to an end to slavery making him worthy to be a hero for many.

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