The Racial Bias in America

The racial bias that a person has grown up with must be questioned What I mean by this is that more people need to step outside of their own perspectives to put their selves in another person’s shoes. In study from the Pew Research Center statistics show that 6 in 10 blacks say that racial relations are bad, whereas 6 in 10 white say the polar opposite. When I see this statistic I think that those 6-10 black people are saying that racial relations are bad because they have personally experience racial bias, or a have witnessed a close friend or family member be subject to racial bias The 4 out of 10 black people maybe just are not as aware of this, or choose to be optimistic.

The huffpost says it too when they say ““Black Lives Matter“ makes us uncomfortable Why? Because it reminds us that race exists, It reminds us that our experience as white people is very different from the experience of Black people in this country It reminds us that racism is alive and well in the United States ofAmericai” So I supposed that what I really am trying to say here is that more white people need educated themselves on racial bias in America, rather than jut turning their eyes away, or trying to justify the situation with unjust reasoning.

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People need to be able to separate isolated incidences and confine them to those specific people and stop generalizing This has been a problem with recent shooting incidences for many reasons.

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This means too things, We need to stop assuming the worst of every black person that looks suspicious, and we also need to not assume that every police officer is racismr Although it so hard to do, especially in times like these, we have to remember all the good encounters happening that we don’t hear about, This alone is reason enough to generalize less and focus more on the isolated incidents. In light of my former statement I choose not to say “Police assuming that All blacks are violent” Because this cannot be not true, However in light of the shootings that have happened, there seems to be a pattern of innocence in the black victims.

An article on CNN website states that in El Cajon California a man was shoot due to the fact that he was “acting weird,” also the fact that he reached in his pocket to pull out a vape and began to hand it to the police, It was immediately following that movement when the officer shot this man. Apparently he was mourning the loss of a friend, yet these officers saw him reach for his pocket and automatically assumed that he was going to shoot them. This has sadly been the case in more than just a few shootings The response to this problem is typically the assumption that All Police and racist and unnecessarily violentt This is also not the case. Yes most of the police involved in these shootings did not have reasonable evidence to shoot these black victims.

Yes that is detestable, butjust like we are asking that the police show respect to black people, we must show the same to the police. 1 think it is acceptable to isolate those few police officers and say that their actions were unjust, assumptive, and completely detrimental, however it is wrong to assume that all police are this way. It doesn’t make sense when people say “all lives matter” in response to black lives matter. When the black lives matter movement started, many people were suddenly offended because they believed that Black Lives Matter was somehow excluding all other races, and drawing attention only to black lives. These people were looking past the tragic circumstances through with it was necessary [0 form the Black Lives Movement, and instead they were just seeing the so-called exclusion in this movementt Then in response these same groups of people began to fight for “All Lives Matter.” They think that this statement somehow combats the “selfishness” of this Black Lives Matter movement When in fact this argument makes truly no sense at allt.

In theory all lives do matter, yes all lives matter. But Black lives make up a portion of All Lives, so when people state All Lives Matter in response to Black Lives Matter they are actually contradicting themselves, If all lives matter then each life matters, so when we say “black lives matter” we are simply zooming in on a portion of All Lives that happens to be in a state of tragedy due to a the most recent shooting Huffpost states ”It distracts and diminishes the message that Black lives matter or that they should matter more than they do.” In their article they highlight the fact that some white people might say this because of stigmas they grew up with. Stigmas that make them feel uncomfortable with the word “black” I think that racial bias is more real than ever in America, with half the population believing completely different things than the other half, Some people are getting better are seeing outside of the own perspectives, some are only getting more narrow minded. This racial unjustice in regards to the police shootings is unacceptable and more people need to be fighting for it. All lives matter, so Black lives matter too and people need to realize this and not be offended over this movement Racial Bias has come a long way with improvement in some areas and likewise worsening in other areas. America has a long way to go.

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