The Quest for the True Meaning of Life

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The question “what is the meaning of life?” has gone through man’s mind for centuries. Even though this thought has been around for a long time, no one has yet been able to answer the question; it is almost impossible for a human being to answer this question. One reason it is impossible to answer this question is because we did not create the universe or man, if we created one or the other then our logical brains would have formed and known the reason why men exist and what the purpose of our life is.

Another reason is because we humans do not know the answers to all questions; we are not omniscient. If we knew everything then issues would be dissolved, peace would be attainable, and the major question would be known. Even though we do not know the answer, and most likely never will, it is still important to go deeper into the question and ask “does my life have meaning?”

This question is more attainable than the major question because it is a personal opinion.

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In my opinion, life can be meaningful if one has internal and external love and strong faith. In order to have meaning to one’s life, one must love who they are. Self-confidence is the key to happiness, and happiness is the key to believing one has meaning to their life. Self love could be considered the base of happiness. When one does not love who they are, this causes sadness and in some extreme cases, depression.

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Sadness removes the appreciation for little things, the enjoyment of life, and the ability to see how others love you. On the other hand, when one embraces who they are, they are able to see the world in an entirely new light; the grass seems greener where they are standing, not on the other side. While self-love is the base for happiness, external love is like the supporter for the base. Friends and family are a major contribution to external love. This is the friendly and caring type of love that supports and encourages growth. One knows these people will always have their back and will out go out of the way to help. This love instills not only positive actions, but also internal thoughts. Knowing there is a group of people who will give love and support no matter what can help change a person’s attitude towards themselves. There is one more kind of love that can have a major impact on someone, romantic love.

This love has the ability to completely change a person’s life, for better or for worse. If it is for the worse then they may end up not loving themselves which will cause sadness, but if it is for the better their life can be enriched by tenfold. This emotion is more than an emotion; it is a force that takes over one’s entire being, it makes one want to forge souls with their lover so they are one person together. Life seems brighter and negativity is hard to come by because they know everything will be okay, as long as they have their lover by their side. Love is a very powerful emotion and is sometimes considered the most powerful thing in the world, because of how much it is able to impact a person. This happiness created by the different kinds of love makes one’s life seem worthwhile, not like there is no reason to live. Faith in a religion is not necessary to have meaning to one’s life, but it does have a big impact. By believing in a faith, the meaning to one’s life is spelled out plainly. The author of our textbook, Rachels, supports this, “The great monotheistic religions … believe that God created the universe to provide a home for us and that our destiny is to live with Him forever.

Human life is not, therefore, a meaningless blip in the history of the universe. Instead, we are the leading stars in the whole cosmic drama.” (171.6). This thought gives comfort to many who ask the question “what is the meaning of life.”; knowing God created the world and is omniscient takes the burden off of humans’ shoulders to be the ones who answer the major question. By believing God created humans for a reason, we are able to deduce that our lives have meanings because it is God’s will. Believing our destiny is to ultimately live in heaven with God would lead one to believe there is, indeed, life after death. A strong faith-filled background will lead one to work his or her entire life to reach a place in heaven. But, if one does not believe in religion, than is it common for he or she to not think anything happens after death, he or she will just be buried in the ground and his or her atoms will be recycled into the world. This could influence the way they see their life as meaningful. When one believes in God’s plan, he or she wants to make the best of life so heaven is easily reachable. It is a little more complicated when one does not believe in God.

God is the creator of heaven, so if one does not believe in God they do not believe there is a heaven. Depending on the person they could believe there still is an afterlife or they could believe their atoms are just going to be recycled. Each of these people might see the meaning of life differently. The one who believes in an afterlife still wants to make their earthly life the best it can be, while the other might think there is no reason for life and it is unnecessary to live life to the fullest because it means nothing. Whether one believes in God or not, the morals and teachings influence how meaningful life can be. Both love and faith strongly contribute to why I see meaning in my life. There is so much I could not have been able to do if not for the love I have received from my friends, family, and God. Some days I get really low and it is hard to see what there is to live for, but then I just think of everyone who loves me and all the beautiful things they have done for me and it opens my eyes. Life is full of ups and downs, but the low points should never take away meaning from one’s life. I have learned to take the low points and learn from them, making sure I do not make the same mistakes. This has enabled me to see the brighter side of life and to know my life is meaningful.

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