The quality of life for all humans Essay

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The quality of life for all humans

If the governments of the world adopted a socialist philosophy and economy, in recognition of the fact that we are all stuck on this rock together, the quality of life for all humans would greatly improve.

First, there would no longer be a need for war. With a sense of global community and the accompanying economy there wouldn’t be any motivation to wage wars with each other. There would be no super-powers, no struggle to attain land or control natural resources. Humans are the only animals in nature that kill each other for reasons of greed and power. How refreshing it would be to finally evolve beyond our current bellicose nature. If we banned together as a world wide society, we could, at long last, live in peace.

Next, we could direct our resources and efforts toward fighting the diseases that afflict us. A socialist-based economy would practically eliminate hunger by providing enough sustenance for everyone, and that would effectively end our battle with malnutrition. Without the political walls put up by governments around scientific and medical research, we would be able to pool our knowledge and further advance our understanding of medicine. Searching for cures and treatments of diseases would no longer be a competitive, profitable endeavor.

Finally, the only way humans as a race can hope to progress is first by becoming peaceful in nature and, secondly, by joining together and concentrating our efforts on gaining an understanding for where we fit in the universe. We would all benefit from such a focusing of effort. When we shift our attention from the rat-race pursuit of going to work just to maintain what we’ve acquired, to a more meaningful quest for real understanding, we truly will separate ourselves form the animals.

The exploration of our universe, for example, is in its zygote stage; we know little enough about the community in which we live. How can we be so egocentric as a race to be on a tiny planet in a vast universe and not explore our surroundings with sincerity, as we fight over narrow strips of real estate? Perhaps through the exploration of space we may encounter other forms of life, possibly even intelligent. Statistically, it is highly unlikely we are the only place in the whole universe where life exists. Seeking out other forms of life and even communicating with them would move us toward being involved in a universal community. But our first step must be taken here on our home planet.

Socialism is this first required step in allowing man to reach his potential. It would provide an environment in which a greater understanding would evolve. We could be free of wars, disease and other problems that plague us today. There would be less need for a government and more resources would become available for meaningful purposes.

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