The Qualities of a Friend Essay

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The Qualities of a Friend

Friends can come in different personalities, shapes, and forms. Someone could have a friend that is shy or outspoken. But to be a friend one must have certain qualities to be considered a friend. A friend must be trustworthy, honest, and loyal.

One of the main qualities of a friend is to be trustworthy. To be trustworthy means that one would be able to tell the other secrets without worrying, that the friend would go and tell someone else the secret. Without trust, a friendship would not last. There would be drama and issues between the two where the friendship would crumble and would make the two hate each other. For a friendship to have trust and it lasts is one of the best things one could ask from a friend.

Another quality a friend should have is honesty. Honesty means to be honest and to never tell a lie. If a friend has this quality one should keep them close by because they are dependable. An honest friend would not keep someone in the cold; they would always tell the other the truth. For example, if one asked the other about a decision that the other made if it was the right or wrong choice, that friend would give an honest answer. So being honest is one key factor of being a friend.

Lastly, another quality is to be loyal. To be loyal means to never turn one’s back on the other; he or she would never leave the other behind. A loyal friend will always be on the side of the other and never leave the other behind. One could have done something selfishly, but if that friend has loyalty then he would still be a friend. Loyalty is a must if one would like to be considered a true friend.

When people gain a friend in life that person will not be perfect. He will have many flaws just as anyone else. But for that person to be a great friend he or she would have these three qualities: to be trustworthy, to be honest, and to be loyal.

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