The Pursuit of Happiness Essay

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness is one of the most fundamental things we pursue during our life, but we, sometimes, may find it difficult in making a decision whether to make others happy or to find our own pleasure. From my perspective, I believe that to do things to fulfill other people’s happiness is of greater importance than to satisfy ourselves.

To begin with, we are living in an interrelated world, in which every living thing has strong connection with each other. Thus hardly can an individual survive without the community, he will perish, sooner or later, so pleasing others with joy by giving them a hand is regarded as a noble act. In the wake of economic crises, we, by giving and sharing with those who can make ends meet or are in need, can promote interrelationship and also feel a sense of self-satisfaction as others’ happiness will became ours. For example, if someone in your family has something to celebrate, you will experience exactly the same kind of enjoyment, that means we serve ourselves best by serving others, as well as find our utmost happiness when seeing smile on the face of our beloved.

In addition, by gratifying others rather than being self-happy, we are both developing indulgence and eliminating selfishness. It is extremely brutal to seek happiness on the back of others, letting them suffer from pain or poverty helplessly. Consequently, it is far more important to be other-focused, trying to make the world, as we are piece of it, better than just self-focused, obtaining joyfulness alone. From that, we can learn to be more indulgent, accepting both strengths and weaknesses of others, making every endeavor to enlighten sorrowful and grievous piece of life, such as taking part in charity activities, to make the world a better place.

In conclusion, it is obvious that making others happy is absolutely important, as bringing pleasure to other people and being able to achieve our own joy and are of strong correlation, as well as it is also a way of developing toleration and making the life brighter for everyone. Therefore, if you are ever at the crossroads in life and do not know what decision to make, remember that we all should do things to love others as thyself.

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