The Psychology of a Woman Addicted to Horse Racing

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About this essay
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The horse race to end it all Rachel was sweating and terrified. She couldn’t afford to lose this race. This money was more than she has had in weeks. Her horse, Richard was in first place, galloping at lighting speed with dust coming up behind him like he was a race car and he sounded like one too. She was cheering him on, flailing her arms uncontrollably. The feeling in her stomach was a mix of anxiety and thrill and her heart was beating even faster than Richard’s.

It felt like a donkey kicked her in the stomach with all its might, Yet she loved it. Richard was nearing the end, he was still in first place, but other horses looked like they were catching up.

Rachel quickly shot up and started shouting, “FASTER, FASTER, FASTER, FASTER!!!” They all sped up. With the pack of horses gaining ground, a rush of emotions washed through her body.

“Run!” she cried, shouting and even pleading to god for the horse to win! But luck was not on her side.

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Number 6, the silky black stallion just nipped past Richard at the finish line. Rachel dropped to her knees and pounded the ground with her fist furious at everything that just happened but mostly furious at herself.

Rachel slowly gets up wiping away her tears. She starts running to the back door like a cheetah to try to get out of the horse race without having to pay her debts she lowers her head and puts her hair in a different in a ponytail, trying to disguise herself from the people she bet against but just before she could reach the door she got stopped by a security guard “Your Coming with me missy” he escorts her to the back, it wasn’t long before she was in the only room she didn’t want to be in she walks in about to cry but trying her best to hold back her tears.

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Her only words “I don’t have the money” the leader of the crew responds “well I guess you will have to find another way to pay me back, won’t you.” “I can get you the money by next week I promise just give me time,” Rachel says “shut up that’s what they all say.” He responds aggressively. Scared for her life Rachel runs out of the room as quickly as she could pelting down the hallway. All the guards quickly run after her gaining distance with every step. Eventually one of the guards tackles her to the ground, breaking her rib and punching her in the face, stopping her dead in her tracks, she screams as loud as she can but no one can hear her, but that doesn’t stop her, she wiggles and squirms while screaming for help as they drag her around the corner and beat her up every punch harder than the last. Eventually knocking her out cold. She was left there for hours until she woke up.

Rachel limped to her apartment in excruciating pain. Her head was bleeding, rib broken and face cut, With no money, no family and no one to call in the middle of the night, she arrives at her Door but her life somehow gets worse, a tear slowly drips down her bloody cheek, she stumbles along her belongings in front of her doorstep and reads “EVICTION NOTICE”. Her mind races, her body feels numb as if she had pins and needles all over her, she feels like she is gonna throw up. She picks up her only friend left. The big bottle of vodka they were kind enough to leave outside with her belongings, she walks up to the roof steps onto the ledge and screams “WHYYYY” her croaky and suffering voice shouts louder than thunder. Everyone from below looks up at her as if she was crazy, she falls onto her bruised knees and vomits off the side of the roof. She remembers the time she was loved and cherished, when her family wasn’t embarrassed by her, she still had friends, but most of all she could see her child, her child that she loves more than anything in the world, her child that her ex-husband killed. Without thinking she takes one last swig of the vodka and steps off the roof, tumbling towards the highway below.

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