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The Pros and Cons of Powerpoint Essay

Essay Topic:

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I. Introduction: PowerPoint is presentation software that is part of the Microsoft Office suite of productivity programs. PowerPoint is designed to allow people to create a series of single-page slides that contain information pertinent to a presentation. Powerpoint is estimated to be use by over 300 million users all over the world and there is 30 powerpoint presentations each day.However, there are many contrast ideas about the pros and cons of powerpoint so let figure out it.

II. Pros and Cons : 1. Pros :

* Catch audience’s attention: People love visuals because it helps them put an image to an idea.

If you are standing in front of an audience describing your innovative thoughts, showing a picture or photo with the highlighted points helps get your point across and your listeners are likely to sit up and take notice. Long speeches tend to become boring and people tune out, but when utilizing a tool such as PowerPoint, you can effectively capture your audience’s attention if done properly.

In today’s busy world people don’t like to get caught up in detail and PowerPoint gives an effectual means to get your ideas across. Slides should be designed in such a way where they are catchy and provide key phrases which will keep listeners attuned and focused on bulleted and the most important points. PowerPoint provides a terrific way to make your presentation memorable if properly used as an enhancement to augment your ideas.

* Easy to follow : The tools provided within the PowerPoint application are very user friendly and easy to follow step-by-step; even the novice user can sit down and effectively learn how to navigate this program with the helpful templates and tips offered within the program. The application provides you with a variety of layouts to choose from and it’s easy to select what kinds of features you want to integrate into your slides which help you create an expert looking slideshow. Adding some pictures and graphical representations add charm and helps personalize your presentation. These are some terrific enhancements and benefits in applying PowerPoint to your discussion.

* Able to review : PowerPoint provides a ready-made way of allowing the audience to take the presentation home with them. After the presentation is created, it is a simple process to print it off and hand it out. This lets the audience follow along during the presentation, and read smaller type that might not show up clearly on a projector. The audience can then take the presentation with them, to review or reference at a later date.

2. Cons :

* Too shorted : Outside of visuals, the majority of information in PowerPoint presentations is delivered through bullet points. Due to size restrictions, only a few bullet points can fit on any given page, and only a few words can be used for each bullet point. Statements that are too long to look good on the slide can be truncated down enough so that they lose their real power or meaning.

* Focus too much on slideshow : Some people assume their dynamic PowerPoint presentation will lead the show, but this assumption is a big mistake because the program is designed to accentuate your presentation, not replace it. When designing your slides, it’s easy to get caught up in trying to jam all the important information you want to convey into each slide. Slides are best designed to be simple and direct in nature. It’s also not a good idea to implement too many slides; your audience will tire of them if they are subjected to slide after slide. Remember the point of the slideshow is to augment your presentation, not replace your words. people tend to focus too much on the slideshow during their presentation instead of emphasizing their attention to the audience. Listeners are not going to be engaged by watching a presenter paying more attention to the slides than in facing them. PowerPoint is a great application to use if you are looking for a technique which will captivate your audience. The slideshow may be the bait to get people to notice your presentation, but it’s really your words and personable approach which will be the hook to make the catch. PowerPoint is meant to be a visual to enhance your project, not to replace it.

* Wasted time : PowerPoint wastes massive amounts of time when information that can easily be given orally has to be put into slide form. A slide that contains a simple but powerful point, which would take mere minutes to normally prepare, can take much longer when the presenter feels the need to add pictures, graphs and even movies or music to the slide. In a “New York Times” story, when a military website asked Army platoon leader Lt. Sam Nuxoll how he spent most of his time, he replied with “Making PowerPoint slides.”

III. Conclusion: The best approach to integrating PowerPoint is to put more focus on knowing your audience and customizing your accompanying slides to appeal to them. Offer information which is of value in your slides and highlight what’s important, but don’t over do it because the effectiveness can easily be lost in detail; save the details for your speech. PowerPoint can effectively add value to your presentation, but when integrating it, you want to draw your audience in and keep them engaged. By focusing on the advantages of PowerPoint and not falling into the drawbacks, you can successfully give a captivating presentation.

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