The Pros and Cons of Playing Computer Games and Its Adverse Effects on the Studies and Health of the Young Generation

In recent years, children’s play of computer games has become a matter of heated debate among scientists and parents alike. While some people claim that game playing on the computer is helpful, others believe that this has a detrimental impact on children. This essay will look at both sides and argue that computer games has several adverse effects on studying and health of a young generation. On the one hand, computer games can both entertaining and educational. According to wide curriculum and high learning demand, students now always face the constant pressure of studying at school and extra learning outside school hours.

Hence, computer game playing is an effective way for children to revive their spirit and relax their mind Furthermore, some computer games acquires gamers who have a rich imagination, high levels of concentration and practical skills such as problem-solving and computer skills. These help develop students’ cognitive abilities, which are particularly beneficial for their studies. On the other hand, I tend to agree with the view that computer games adversely affect the health of students and their learning performance.

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Since gaming is a sedentary pursuit, gamers might sit for long hours in front of a computer screen with incorrect postures, which causes many health problems such as crooked spine, short-sightedness, and obesity.

Additionally, computer games are highly addictive with vivid images and catching tone. Children are appealed to the virtual world in the game and neglect their studying at school. There are hundreds of students readily spend more time in gaming than in studying.

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As a result, their learning result is lower than their peers at class. In conclusion, it is undeniable that computer games are beneficial for students’ cognitive abilities, however, I hold the belief that the play of computer games is more harmful for childrens in impairing their health and demotivating their studying at school.

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