The Pros and Cons of Giving Students Homework

As its name suggests, ‘homework’ is the word referring to the work assigned to do at home Usually teachers assign homework to students to help them practice what has been explained in class. But whether homework is beneficial or not is a debatable issue. Assessing the bright side of the coin, since homework is given to practice what the teacher has covered in class, it reinforces the skills and knowledge of students when they work out practice questions. For example, mathematics is going to be difficult for students if they do not practice the problem-solving questions at home.

Therefore, completing homework is the first step towards a good result. Students are also indirectly being trained to work independently. Since homework has a deadline too, it teaches students to be responsible when they work to meet deadlines. Also, homework also enables students to explore the extent to which they have understood the subject matter. That is, it may be difficult to know how much knowledge they have grasped in class because they have not yet experienced different level of problem solving questionsl Moreover, even the English language requires practice.

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Since not everything can be tackled in class, teachers give essays and reading comprehensions to complete at home. This gives students ample time to look for new words to enhance their essays They will eventually improve their English-writing skills.

However, teachers have no control over who is actually completing the homework compared to monitoring their performance at school through classwork and class tests.

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There is no guarantee that it is the student who does the homework or it is the parents or an elder sibling doing the work. If homework is completed by other members of the family, the whole essence of importance of homework become futilel. A little help from family members is not going to do much harm but students should be honest when they submit their homework. Also, the education system is based on formality. The imaginative touch that students tend to add becomes irrelevant or does not work out to contribute in improving the work.

Sometimes students, especially girls tend to use colored pens for their homework and teachers discourage this practice to stress on the need for use of black and blue pens only. This already instills a feeling of demotivation in the student In a nutshell, homework is a good way to stimulate students to do research on their own and help them improve in areas where they feel they are weak. The strengths of homework outweigh its limitations since the sole responsibility of submitting an honest work abiding by the rules for the students. They must make full use of this opportunity so that they can have good marks at the end of the year.

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