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The Pros And Cons Of Becoming A District Attorney Essay

What are the pros and cons of becoming a district attorney? A district attorney is an officer who is appointed by an authority be it a state, a country, municipality and so forth, to deal with issues and matters relating to prosecution of those persons who are convicted of committing any crime. The name district attorney is mainly used in countries like the United States of America but in other nations, they use the word prosecutor. A district attorney therefore must be a person of high integrity, including many other values. This means that in undertaking the duties assigned by any state,they have many challenges  ahead.

            The cons seems to be more than the pros. One of the major challenges faced by district attorneys in their duties to prosecute the accused is the vigorous work   they undertake. Prosecuting the accused calls for investigation, which must be thoroughly undertaken. Matters of providing evidence in court needs no uncertainty. Clarity of what information is being   provided is what is required to be proven  as evidence in determining the outcome of the proceeding.

The attorney therefore must gather enough evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt that what is represented thereof, the court can rely upon evidence. Another challenge in such a position is that sometimes, politicians, the wealthy people may have an influence on the prosecution process denying justice. These interferences may affect a prosecutor in cases like money laundering and issues related to drug deals. If an officer is influenced by such “powers” then justice may not be realized, as the attorney may decide to drop charges or calls for a lesser sentence (Decker, (2002).

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            The judicial process values one attribute called truthfulness. One has to swear before a supreme being that what he/she says is the “whole truth, nothing but the truth” as they say. Attorney due to may be influences may deny to  give this truth a chance. Justice may be denied. An accused may be harshly sentenced as the criminal buys his/her freedom. In some cases, the attorney or the prosecutor leading the prosecution may be “illiterate”. This means that as in some cases policemen have acted as prosecutors who led the prosecution, in such instances they may fail to give well informed and proper evidence to convince the court appropriately against educated senior counsel or lawyer, who can argue and knows legal proceedings well denying justice..

            The attorney’s investigation work calls for good rapport between the law enforcers, for example the police or any other approved security organs. Not only the law enforcers but also the community. In some cases the attorneys/prosecutors, may lack proper relations in their endeavor to seek the truth. Some evidence may be left silent, hence many cases have had, half truths and evidences. Lack of rapport not only makes the attorneys work difficult but may lead to innocent ones being punished and leave the guilty unpunished.

            Attorneys/prosecutors do not decide the outcome of the legal proceeding. The judge or a jury plays the role. In such circumstances, proper investigations may be carried out,   enough evidence presented in court, but it is what the judge rules becamethe final verdict. This denies the attorney a chance to make the position that he/she feels appropriate.

Attorneys can  been subjected to all sorts of nightmares when the judge demands more evidence from them. Attorneys also have a duty to recommend the defendants a bail for a release. He/she can also deny it. The pros of becoming a district attorney are  that they assist in effective administration of justice, maintenance of law and order. Attorney have a role in day to day learning of any state, as they act in setting disputes in legal proceedings. By prosecuting the accused, criminals, they help in eliminating the criminal’s elements.

            Ensuring security is the priority of any government or state. Without any rules and regulations laid down, chaos, conflicts, war would characterize the world and the entire humanity. Attorney plays an important role, through their work. They are many advantages they enjoy, due to their positions (Susan P. Crawford, (2004). These positions are highly valued in societies. Attorneys occupy a very high position in the social ladder. They enjoy good packages from the state. Incentives enjoys state protection etc. this makes their life enjoyable.

            A district attorney has an important role in ensuring that justice and fairness are upheld. This leads to maintain the judicial system of any state, to function as stipulated by the law. By delegating all their duties, attorneys provide a very important duty in serving people and protecting their rights. They assist, the poor citizens who may be not in a position to get justice done to them.

  They help to safeguard the interest of the nations or states. They may prosecute criminals who may have committed crimes relating to may be environmental pollution, misuse of public or states resources e.g wealth. Also district attorneys can help to check the excuses of other arms of the state for example parliaments, as the judicial system under which the post of attorney fail, a crime committed by them can also be prosecuted by the attorney. District attorney have a prominent role to play through the challenges and benefits are many.


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