The Pros And Cons

The biggest advantage of advertising targeting is targeted marketing. By choosing to focus on a selected group that shows intent to buy, the advertising department can screen the majority of groups that are less likely to accept the impact of your marketing technology, and/or consumers who don’t need or need your services, so the company can Eliminate marketing waste and advertising costs for consumers who are less likely to use your service. At the same time, advertising targeting specific groups may gain their loyalty as they are taken care of.

For example, consumers who regularly purchase baby products offer advertising and discount information, and they are more inclined to purchase the company’s products.

In addition, advertising targeting can enhance consumers’ perception and recognition of the brand because consumers with consumer intent will pay attention to a certain brand in the advertisement and then more to understand it and recognize it. Therefore, advertising targeting helps companies control the market’s attention.

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Although basic demographics can tell us some information about the age, location, marital status, and income of consumers, there are many things that don’t tell us. The census data is fairly simple and does not allow us to really understand the lives of consumers, such as their problems, motivations, stress points, and the reasons they make them happy or worried.

And this kind of advertising orientation is more like hijacking the attention of consumers. Consumers in the 21st century pay more attention to their privacy. When they find that their browsing history is used to calculate the intention of consumption, they will be disgusted and even disgusted with the advertisement of the company.

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Therefore, the rise of ad blockers and the general resistance to traditional advertising. Instead of interrupting the customer’s buying path, consider how to help solve their search queries – try to save them through product reviews, personalized shopping experiences, compelling content or free products.

Also, a potential disadvantage of using an ad targeting group is the self-restriction of this policy implementation. When a business begins to select different groups to target, the data begins to screen potential groups of ad information that may be accepted and remove groups that do not wish to receive information. However, the success of a company’s advertising lies in its ability to spread and let new users know about your content. Ad targeting means that ads will only be seen by a certain percentage of people and will not be able to reach more groups. Advertising targeting may make marketing for people who buy or use the service meaningful in the short term, but it may also lose potential customers and affect business growth, which is also a marketing cost.

For ad targeting on the web, I think the best way to collect data is to collect the user’s cookies. When we browse certain websites, we leave some historical traces of the web pages and become cookies. These cookies can be collected and researched into the user’s browsing mode. Usually, web pages contain first-party cookies and third-party cookies (advertising). The elements in these pages are called clickstream data, which explains why we are always able to research what we want to buy and display the pop-ups when we search for a term on Google. There are even more complicated collection methods. Buying web pages and social web pages uses cookies to find out what items you might buy in the future and recommend them to friends with similar interests. Therefore, on a legal basis, collecting user’s cookie data is the best demographic data, which can provide accurate predictions for the company.


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