The Project Charter Essay

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The Project Charter

Every successful project needs a plan, a vision before start. The PMBOK definition says that “The project charter is a document issued by the project initiator or sponsor that formally authorizes the existence of a project, and provides the project manager with the authority to apply organizational resources to project activities.” 1 The project charter it essentially serves as a compass to keep the team firmly pointed at goals. It’s the foundation of a project.

It includes an overview of project goals and objectives, defining a preliminary budget and schedule and identifying risk and constraint. A project should not be started without one, because it’s an important document that work as reference and comun The project charter is such an important document that a project should not be started without one. If the project charter serves as a definition of how success will be measured, then without a project charter, the project and project manager cannot be successful. ”

Patti Gilchrist in her article “The Importance of Having a Project Charter” relates the following situation where she assumed a project without a project charter: “As I walked out of the first meeting with the project team, my business partner took me aside and said, “Interesting meeting, In fact a very good meeting. But I have to ask you. Who the heck are you?”

After thinking about it further, I realized his real question was “What gives you the authority to tell anyone what to do? ”(Or, in other words, who died and made you the boss?)” And she concluded “Not having a project charter hinders the Project Manager from being successful in the role, thus impacting the overall success of the project. Thus, projects should not begin without one.” The project charter gives the project manager authority to make use of company resources to complete the project and may be a big help on projects when authority must be used to gain cooperation.

Gilchrist, Patti, “The Importance of Having a Project Charter,, 01 August 2012

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