The professional adults Essay

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The professional adults

In the society, there is a notion that only the professional adults have an understanding of financial matters like budgeting. But in Ohio, a different turn was made so to cross boundaries. Most people take for granted the thought of having financial literacy. According to the article, financial literacy was incorporated in the students’ curriculum of high school seniors in some districts. This is indeed a wise move because it broadens the horizon of the students. The objective of putting such act is to prepare the students in handling financial matters outside the four corners of the classroom.

Literacy in the financial aspect can be done through acquiring knowledge on the technical part. But, the real challenge is to be able to apply it in real life. Of course, it all starts in internalizing first the advantages of having such knowledge. After doing so, the application can be done. Application can start off by learning the value of the money through spending wisely. This can be accomplished by setting apart the needs and wants. Psychologically speaking, it is hard for high school students to understand the nature of budgeting unless they are working students and are living on their own.

Handling personal finances is a difficult task considering the age of students. But, it is better to have awareness on personal finance or budgeting at a young age. The students are exposed to everyday dealings that involve the use of money. With such exposure, there will be a better understanding of what is going on behind earning, spending and saving money. Spending is probably the easiest thing to do but saving, like earning money is a very challenging financial task. It is indeed a big step for students to be able to know the value of money through saving.

Through all these, aside from gaining financial knowledge, a sense of responsibility will also be inculcated to the students. The way a person utilizes time can reflect his or her lifestyle. . In the article, “How Americans spend their time”, the way time is valued as a resource was given a better light. From year 2006 to year 2007, more time was devoted by the Americans for doing work, both domestic and professional. More time spent on leisure doesn’t necessarily mean that there is more idle time. It is the choice of the person on how to use the given time.

The concept of leisure is very relative. Some people might consider reading as leisure but some might consider it as part of work. Hence, the way somebody utilizes time probably depends on how productive is the activity done in a particular period. It is somewhat positive to see that there is a change in the amount of time spent for leisure. This implies that more productive things are being done. These things or tasks can either be work-oriented or household- related. Bottom line is, the tasks are purposive. From elders to young adults, the trend of spending less time in leisure is very prominent.

The change is not surprising for the case of the elders or adults since majority of them are working professionals. But, for young adults like the segment of the teenagers, the change can be treated as an ultimate revelation. Though their activities are more devoted to personal care, there is still a decrease in the time spent or just plain leisure. Basically, the Americans sought improvement in daily activities through utilizing time wisely. There is a positive implication of having an attitude like that since it states the fact that more are willing to do something than just lounge around.

In high school or in the college years of a person, most teachers tell the students that the real challenge begins in the corporate or professional world. Unlike a school environment, which is more secluded and safer, the professional world is a little bit harsh since there is competition. When still in school, the improvement of a person is based on his or her academic achievements. But when one is already in the professional world, the status of a person is not identified by just mere intellect on technical stuff but also on the practical aspects.

Financial literacy and proper time management are necessary entities when one is now in the professional world. These two can be helpful through various ways. When an employee knows the tools of financial literacy, he will be able to apply technical ideas to his work given a certain field. But, the main use of being financially literate is being able to manage his earnings well. Also, he can utilize other resources in an effective and efficient way. If there is good allocation of the earnings, the employee will be able to save money thus improving his status in life.

As for proper time management, it is helpful during and even after work hours. More work can be done with good supervision of schedule. Now, if the employee is efficient and effective in the tasks at work, there is a chance for taking a step higher in the workplace under fair circumstances. The real battle begins in the professional world and one should be well-armed with the two points mentioned above among other things. It must be noted that being hardworking and determined come hand in hand with being able to succeed in the corporate world.

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