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Identify and Describe Product Shaker Cup

Categories Business, Economics, Manufacturing, Marketing

Essay, Pages 4 (938 words)



Essay, Pages 4 (938 words)

The product:

Identify and describe your product in detail.

I pick a shaker cup as a product, this is particular shaker cup with lots of advantages which makes the life easier for body builders and the people who are very curious about their fitness. It is manufactured by Performa Brand by means of the usage of actionrod technology. Moreover, it is made with a good plastic material which is eco friendly and BPA-Free.

FAB for the RESELLER – Reseller of this product is Popeyes Supplements.

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  • Features:
    • Reasonable Price
    • Good quality and Long-life expectancy of Shaker (Park, 2017)
  • Advantages:
    • Reseller can attract the customers easily towards this product because it is available at reasonable price.
    • It is a simple fact that everyone is looking for a good quality and durability as Performa company offers a good quality. By this reseller can make a trust in the minds of consumer while selling this product to end customers (Park, 2017)
  • Benefits:
    • This product is very useful for the reseller and the result will be increase in economy as well as reputation of a company.

    • It helps the reseller to attract new customers and retaining the old ones.


  • Features:
    • Leak-free guaranteed
    • Signify the favorite champion
    • BPA free, Dishwasher safe with extra last ink (Park, 2017)
  • Advantages:
    • The advantage of leakage free cup is that both men or women can carry this cup without any difficulty, they don’t have to worry about protein leaking.
    • Every athlete is specific and special in their way, regardless of the level of fitness so each person can use this cup to satisfy their desire and to see themselves as a hero (Park, 2017)
    • As this cup is a BPA free due to this individual can take their supplements safely without any contamination.

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  • Benefits:
    • Individual can use this cup in every situation no matter where they are, either at work or in a bus or train while travelling due to the fact it’s far a leakage proof and it has a small hole at the pinnacle of lid via which individual can drink in a very good manner.
    • Individuals can rehydrate and refill like their favorite leading actor.
    • This cup is dishwasher safe, as extra last ink guarantees that the layout on the shaker cup stays pristine wash after wash. Moreover, the parts of the cup are connected in an awesome manner so there is no worry about the losing of any part (Park, 2017)

The company:

Company history:

Performa company was found in 1990s. Performa Limited has been advanced into a specialized outline and event marketing conversation company (History of Performa company, 2004).

Background information:

Performa is an international magnificence fitness accent employer developing a huge variety of products that meet the extreme demands of a ramification of different customers. Moreover, it is a non-public organisation which employs 50 personnel. Furthermore, this company is dealing with industry sports and activity. In addition to this, Company mission is to create interest in consumers regarding a healthy life style (The Performa company overview, n.d.).

Company strengths and weaknesses:

  • Good customer service.
  • Truthfulness of company
  • High efficiency
  • Great employees involvement in sale and manufacturing of the company (Analyzing the strengths, 2016)
  • Limited growth in economy of company
  • Lack of adoption of top management strategies while introducing new products into the


Confusing marketing policies (Analyzing the strengths, 2016).

  • The industry they are in and any trends with that industry (growth, technology)

Performa company is existing in a retail industry.

Growth: Invention is a keystone for Performa company and overall presentation is a passion. Performa is inexorable in making sure that each product is sold exceeds the needs that it’s going to endure. Moreover, Performa has a whole department Performa Labs dedicated to making sure every and each product that is launched is of the highest quality. Therefore, company is growing day by day (Introduction of Performa company, 2019).

Technology: Performa is adopting new techniques and use new technologies to work efficiently on the mission. As now the products are available online as well on different sites like Amazon.

  • Who owns the company? Are there any other affiliated companies?

Performa company is an independent company, but there are many competitors of this company.

Yes, there are various affiliated companies such as DC Comics Collection, Star Wars Collection, Transformers Collection etcetera (Introduction of Performa company, 2019).

  • Where are manufacturing plants located?

The headquarter of this company is located in Edmonton, Alberta. However, there are various manufacturing plants are presented in Canada such as Oakville (ON), Montreal (Quebec).

  • Anything of interest regarding the company and/or product

The company designs the product with the motive to provide best quality of item to the consumers. This company does not only focus on the productivity and profitability, but also dedicated to performing the top (Introduction of Performa company, 2019).

Research and analysis:

The reseller you are targeting:

  • What business you will be selling to

I have chosen the reseller for this product is Popeyes Supplements.

  • Where are they located

It is located at Lambton Mall road, Sarnia, ON.

  • Why have you selected them?

This store sells various nutritional products like vital proteins, sun potion, nuzest protein etcetera. Therefore, customers absolutely need shaker cups for consumption of these vitamins due to this fact I choose this store.

The end consumer you are targeting

  • Who is the ultimate end consumer of this product?

The final consumers for this product are young individuals, who are very curious about their health and fitness.

  • Describe their characteristics (demographics, psychographics, lifestyle)

Demographic: 18 years to 35 years

Psychographics: Anxious with their health, fitness and appearance

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