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The procedures and practices used to implement the curriculum for children’s learning Essay

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The curriculum is personalized to the specific needs of the pupils at Heronsbridge and is not a legal requirement after the age of 16. As it is a special educational needs school, most pupils are bellow foundation level. Some may reach key stage 2/3 levels. Accreditation in leavers subjects range from pre-entry to Level2, pupils are between ages 16-19. When the pupils enter this stage of school they are responsible for entering a ‘code of conduct’ charter to ensure they are fully aware of what is and isn’t expected of them.

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This charter is created by the pupils for the pupils. The pupils are expected to adhere to the rules that they formed around their specific needs, ability, and age. As the pupils form their own rules, it gives them ownership of expectations. All pupils, parents and teaching staff sign the charter.

Leavers also have their own council representatives for making decisions about the school, how its run and even who they employ! Leavers partake in a weekly Enterprise activity which allows them to become young entrepreneurs and show off their skills as young business people, inventors, and retailers. This has a massive impact on their confidence and communication levels. It also benefits pupils regarding levels of ability. Some pupils work out the money, some work on the creation of a product and some advertise the merchandise. Enterprise is a registered business and all pupils benefit from sales. The name of the business and the logo is created by the pupils themselves. The director, selected by the pupils, delegate and divide up the responsibilities fairly and suitably. After products are decided and costings are worked out, a prototype is made, and sales are confirmed before mass production and sale.

Duke of Edinburgh is another opportunity offered to the young leavers. They learn many types of skills including, community work, developing a skill, physical activities and ended with an expedition. Each pupil has the decision on whether to take this option. Many activities are available as part of this course, including, learning what is essential whilst hiking, how to pack a hiking bag, how to cook a hot meal on a Trangia during expedition plus many other aspects of safe traveling. Visits to local police stations, ambulance services, and fire stations take place as well as learning how to put up a tent! A lot of teams building exercises take place and a great opportunity is given for the pupils to discover their selves and their peers outside a school setting.

Punctuality and attendance play a big part in developing student-led learning. As leavers are not compulsory the pupils learn to want to be in education and show independence in wanting to learn. Pupils work towards recognized certificates in many aspects of growing into an adult. This includes cooking, travel training, health and fitness, health and wellbeing, personal hygiene and many other training experiences needed to enable them to grow into successful and independent adults. Heronsbridge have their own coffee shop which is run by the pupils and food preparation is part of their training. Pupils have gym memberships and access the local gym as part of their learning, which helps with social interaction and confidence.

Interview techniques are also practiced, and the Education Business Partnership attend the school to help pupils to get the best start. Careers Wales representative Sarah is always available in the department to help and give guidance to all leavers pupils. Help with forms is also available from Sarah. Elite is a company that offers work placements to students and helps them gain accreditation in health and safety and work awareness and workshops take place enabling the development of self-esteem and confidence.

As the curriculum is not compulsory after the age of 16, the pupils are still allowed to access an extensive range of literacy and numeracy, IT skills, living and independence skills, Duke of Edinburgh, Enterprise, the world, careers and sports and leisure. Vocational pathways are also offered. This entails a wide range of options that are available to pupils to learn off-site that suit their specific needs. Bridgend college is the most popular off-site establishment offering performing arts, painting and decorating, childcare learning, music, catering and horse riding. Other options include ICT, sport and leisure, and horticulture. The emphasis put on core skills and are accredited accordingly by ASDAN, Agored Cymru, NOCN, City and Guilds and Diploma level.

Literacy and numeracy are offered to Heronsbridge leavers even after it is no longer compulsory, it is offered in many formats. Numeracy is obtainable through, using data skills, measuring skills, number skills and developing numerical reasoning which is combined into all lessons. Literacy is also integrated into many subjects through oracy, reading, and writing. Routes for learning offer support for pupils with complex additional learning needs or profound multiple learning difficulty pupils and help integrate learning in a specialized way. It is a statutory requirement as part of the national curriculum that all pupils must be assessed during key stage transition using the literacy and numeracy framework.

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