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The Procedure – A Dystopian Story Essay

Before, a person could expect to live eighty years, but with The Procedure a person can live three times that long. ” “But couldn’t you keep me young without changing me,” asks Rachel, “I wouldn’t mind that. ” “Some day we might,” replies The Psychologist. “You see The Procedure must be performed when the body is at its perfect state, which is at nineteen years old. ” “I’ll never want to receive The Procedure,” Rachel says in a heartfelt tone. “Have you ever heard of Shakespeare? My father gave me his books. Shakespeare wasn’t good looking, but he wrote about beauty, dignity of the individual human spirit, and love.

” “That’s enough,” The Psychologist replies. “Introducing the idea of reading forbidden books will not help you in this case. Reading such material is a punishable offence. ” “May I leave? ” pleads Rachel, “I want to go home. ” “I’m afraid not,” The Psychologist answers. “For the mean time, you must stay here while we decide what is best for you. We just want to help you. ” The next morning, Marnie arrives at The Procedure Clinic to see Rachel. After inquiring for nearly half an hour, she finally finds Rachel’s room. “Your mum told me you spent the night here.

I would have been here sooner but I couldn’t find your room. Do you feel alright? ” asks Marnie. “Yes,” replies Rachel, “but they wouldn’t let me leave here last night. They are going to do The Procedure on me anyway. ” “I don’t understand why you are so unhappy when all they want to do is make you pretty,” says Marnie, still in denial that Rachel knows what’s best for herself. “But that’s not true,” Rachel urges. “Before I went to sleep last night, I remembered something that dad said to me. He said “When all are beautiful, nobody is, because without ugliness, no one can know true beauty.

” I’ll never forget that. ” “I don’t see why you are so concerned about your father,” Marnie remarks. “I mean you have had nine fathers since the first one. Everyone marries everyone these days; they all look the same anyway. Besides, I’ve heard that your father was pretty dull. ” “Stop it! ” Rachel says in an outburst, “Stop talking about my father that way! I loved him and he loved me. He cared about his dignity. He didn’t die in a car accident, Marnie; he killed himself because when they took away his identity, he had no reason to continue living.

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Tell me, do you feel anything? ” “Of course,” replies Marnie. “I feel good, I always feel good. Life is perfect, it’s a high. I am all and all am I. ” “You don’t understand, do you,” says Rachel, now in tears. “Nobody does. ” The later day, Rachel’s mother Sarah arrives at The Procedure Clinic after talking to Marnie about how Rachel was coping. “How is she? ” Sarah asks The Psychologist. “Does she want The Procedure? ” “I’ve already convinced her to have it,” the psychologist replies. The Psychologist takes Sarah to Rachel’s room and knocks on the door.

Rachel walks out of the room and comes out to greet her mother. Rachel hasn’t only been stripped of her old face and body, but her personality has been altered. “Rachel, sweetheart,” says Sarah, “I see you selected Model Number Eight, just like we discussed. How do you feel, darling? ” “Life is perfect, it’s a high. I am all and all am I. ” Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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