The Problem of Poverty in Evicted

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According to the book, “Evicted” tells the tragic story of the eight families who are suffering through the poverty and suffering through the housing crisis. This took place in to the poorest neighborhood of milwaukee between May 2008 and December 2009. He tells how these eight families struggles after getting evicted and their fate was in the hand of two greedy landlords Sherrena and Tobin. All of their tenants experienced the same common problem of being evicted from their homes, usually for failing to pay rent.

This set of a series of moves and events compelled them to live with others, acknowledge substandard lodging, or live in homeless shelter. Although these poor families gave their full efforts, greedy landlords they doesn’t hesitate to evict these people for small reason but they don’t know that lead them into the brutal loop of poverty .

This book ‘Evicted’ broadly focuses on the event related to the process of eviction and forced moves.The arthur introduces us to the landlord Tobin, who owns on of the worst trailer parks in the Milwaukee.

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Trailer park was full of drugs addict and criminals. He had three renters whom he was renting trailers to. First Pam and Ned who were both addicted to drugs and expecting a baby. Despite of being white americans it was very difficult to find roof over the head for Ned and Pam. They have a long rap sheet of bad records and they both are addicted to drugs and have bad eviction records too.

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More terrible still, from the perspective of property owners, they have children and it’s not surprising they find it so difficult to get a roof over the head under such condition. But the broken housing market, which actually appears to be the subject matter of the whole book, is one in which demand significantly exceeds supply. As Desmond said, “ Still, Tobin belonged to the top 1% of income earners. Most of his tenants belonged to the bottom 10%.” But i think Tobin feeds of the desperate lower class.

He makes plenty of money to fix the trailers. Instead he fools them into owning trailers and being responsible for repairs. All the trailers are run down. He pays hypes and desperate people next to nothing to do work around the park. He makes plenty of money to provide his tenants with proper space to live but is too greedy to be anywhere near descent. This makes it a market for disadvantaged vendors mainly for poor tenants. The landlords can have more power to decide more who their tenants are. Tenants with past eviction records, drugs issues and families with more children are supposed to be rejected when applying for the accommodation in that case. Due to this failing system many well beings can have negative impact on them and many people can find themselves trapped in this endless journey of eviction, poverty and homelessness. When family don’t have roof over the head, they might feel they don’t belongs nowhere and find themselves ausafe and ended up moving to the different places.

Continuous round of eviction leads them to the poverty and without the stable environment children’s education can be directly affected. Children with no stable housing can lead to them to the poorly schooling, and can have mentally and emotionally stress as a result they can choose the wrong path in their life like drugs abuse, criminal activity, involved in gang. In this book, drug is the main problem of eviction. For example, Scott a former nurse who had become addicted to heroin. His life’s destroyed because of addiction. In this situation, many people will find themselves moving from one place to another in search of roof under the head and one’s life can be in a downward spiral. Instead of spending all the money you have in drugs, i think they can put that money for rent and food.

Otherwise, there is no chance of coming out of poverty and multiple eviction. Many people in this book are unable to work due to the illness like Larraine who had been late with the rent several times. Most common thing in these evicted families is mental stress. All of their earnings goes into the rent, they have to seperate the budget for groceries and other needs too, at the end they have left nothing in their hand. There is no chance of coming back from the poverty and ended up giving all their needs and happiness. As author mention, “ people like Larraine lived with so many compound limitations….Instead, they tried to survive in color to season their suffering with pleasure…..They might buy lobster on food stamp.” I think just because you are poor doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself to any basic things.

There is some fundamental need to enjoy simple, small things in your life. But that welfare money was supposed to spend on one whole month food not for one day. Instead of spending all that money on one day food you can save for later and pay rent and utilities bill. On the other hand, government welfare system makes it more difficult for them to stand back on their feet. Most of the people who are victims of evicted and suffering from poverty they are rely on welfare. People with the $2000 in their bank account were on eligible for the welfare check. Welfare check provided were $700 or less than that but 70% of their money have to go for rent. There is no chance of coming back from the poverty and ended up giving all their needs and happiness.

All these families share same thing in common poverty, drugs and eviction. I think this disguised hatred for being poor needs to do with what number of regulated ways the poor are penalized for being poor. They wind up detached from whatever is left of society, disgraced for hurt occasions, and in may cases penalized for banding together. besides this requires acknowledgment and affirmation of across the board persecution. They need to relate to being poor as in excess of a brief state as their lasting reality which they are exclusively frail to change.

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