The Problem of Poverty in America

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There are many donations given out each year for people in poverty, but there are still many people in poverty today. America has very low food security in their families to survive and that’s one of the reasons why we do not try to seek helping the poor. They have to fight for a healthy living condition, a generous amount of food, and their health. I can argue that there is a program that can provide a place for people in poverty for a safe place to eat and sleep.

The program is called “Get Up Again” and they provide help for anyone who wishes to seek help from free health care providers such as doctors or pharmacists.

There are many Americans in the U.S. that are in poverty, who are sick, and many people do not realize what people in poverty are going through. When they are sick they have to go to the doctor’s office to be checked out or diagnosed.

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The doctor’s might make a series of test which can be very costly. Then when they diagnose you they either give you a prescription or something health related. Prescription costs and they might not have insurance, so they have to pay a fortune just to get well. You see many people on the side of the road holding up a sign asking for money to feed their families or helping them get warmer clothes. The people in the cars see the people on the side of the road, some give them money and some do not.

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The people in the cars that do not give them money think that the money that they give them will not be used wisely. The people in the cars that give the people on the side of the road money think that they will use the money for their families and to get clothes to keep warm.

The people holding the signs and stand on the side of the road, will give an A to the people in the car that did not give them money and hope for them the best. The people in the cars that did not give money to the people on the side of the road will give an A to the families in poverty with donations, not directly. The people in the cars that did give the money to the people on the side of the road will give an A to the government about how the prices increased.

The key to reducing poverty, building wealth, and maybe reducing inequality, is access: to infrastructure, finance, education and the other basics that enable mobility, build skills and promote entrepreneurship (Khanna,1). There are jobs in the U.S. that have to have a specific background, income, and status to have a job. People have a hard finding a job just because they might have good income but a not so good background. Most jobs require a lot and not everyone meets those requirements. The lower income households are falling due to the lack of resources they have to support their family members, such as a family of four. Their households are going into greater debt than they realize because they believe they do not have to pay so much for insurance. More Americans owe more than most of their neighbors or even friends and not even realize it.

Most people in poverty do not have family to live with because they have either passed or they live far away. They decide to live on the streets because of those reasons. Many families try to let their family members in poverty a place to live but apartments and houses can become very expensive. The cost of renting one two bedroom apartment can go up to twenty hundred dollars alone each month. The people in poverty will have to be open to living in an old friend’s house or a family members house instead of living on the streets. Most people in poverty do not find places to live because it is hard to get good transportation. GTA buses seems like the only transportation and the buses most times comes late due to traffic.

The poor can use Food Stamps to help purchase food for a cheaper price than having to pay a lot for groceries. The Food Stamps have helped many people in poverty and it is continued to be used in grocery stores that allow them. Food Stamps is a way that you can pay for food that is needed for their health at a very low cost based on family income. The government can create more programs for the poor. There can be more donations for the poor and more non-profit organizations to help the poor. People donate to the St. Jude’s Children Hospital for the children who have cancer or any type of diseases they have. Some people have cancer that are poor and they can come get donations for them not having to pay a lot for treatment.

There are many people in America facing poverty or about to face poverty. Many families are facing poverty because of poor decisions made by their parents or guardians. Parents struggle to keep up with rising housing costs, health care bills, and more utility costs. Some elderly people do not have enough in their savings to carry them through life. Health care bills are another reason why people do not go to hospitals even though they need to go because they try to avoid the cost and get well on their own. The utility costs of working in a medical field is very high prices because they get the best products for the best treatment. The National Center for Children in Poverty found that childhood poverty can be very costly because children require more things than adults do. Many single woman have children but have to work overtime and it can be overwhelming to having to work, pay the bills, and mostly taxes.

Some women currently have children without the additional income of the spouse due to divorce. They become a greater risk of poverty due to lack of income in the household. Feeding America is one of the largest organizations in the nation that work to help people who are food insecure. The program I envisioned will be for every country, all ages, and free with volunteers, if they need service learning hours. Poverty is a problem that needs to be challenged and eradicated. As we move forward all of us can do our part so everyone can enjoy the American dream. The American dream can be someone having a goal to get married, have children, have a great career, take care of family members, plan to travel the world, change the world whether in your community or country. It can be donating foods or donating items to a reputable charity. There can be local food drives at school and church that can attribute to helping stop poverty.

Finally, poverty has been growing each year because of a lot of people who cannot afford to make a lot money. There are many organizations that can help with poverty, but this program helps with specific requirements to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Health care providers can help with a diet that is at a low cost. They can redirect different types of food that can be cheaper than what it seems. This program will benefit everyone who is in poverty, because poverty can end with everyone’s little act of kindness.

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The Problem of Poverty in America

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