The Problem Of Oil Dependency And Its Relevance

Oil is 38.8% from the U.S. it is mostly used for ethanol and diesel. Oil is a non-renewable resource and it will eventually run out if we are not careful enough as you can see with the graph below. By 2125 we will not have any oil anymore or it will be so rare, that we cannot find it anymore because the oil takes millions of years to produce. We are using over 7.28 billion barrels every day and this is just the U.

S, so image how much the world uses.

The more our country depends on the oil it would keep our imports and exports away from each other when it needs to stay together. This explains that are economics and growth wouldn’t connect because of how all of us depend on oil. A major problem with us depending on oil is too much money is being spent on oil. The estimate of the money being spent on oil in a day is $1 million and instead should be spent on our economic needs like funds at home.

Once we have oil if you burn the oil it could make our global warming worse and that’s a threat to security nationally. A way to reduce this problem of depending on oil is by using any clean energy sources.

By resolve our problem we can reduce the dependency by using renewable recourses because Oil can cause global warming with pollution in the air. We could also reduce using oil from putting a tax on oil so it could cause fewer people from buying it and to make cars that run on charging like Tesla’s because the more cars like that the more problems are resolved.

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We also need other forms of energy because the oil we have now will run out around 70 years and after that then we could switch to solar energy because it can’t run out unless the sun explodes and that’s not going to happen until millions or even billions of years. Just one downfall about solar energy is that at night it won’t work but then we could use another source of energy at night to counter this problem.

Renewable resources will help us stay independent because they are easily replenished, they use sunlight, hydropower etc. Also, there are disadvantages to hydropower because there is only 2.5% of the water that is clean out of the 70%. But this is better than other sources like natural gas, coal, petroleum because all those sources are non-renewable. Also, all the countries like Saudi are also losing all of their oil and gases extremely fast, which shows that using renewable resources is the best choice.

The problem is that we are running out of non-renewable resources like oil and natural gas because we are using them faster than we are replenishing them. That’s the problem

We need a new resource to live forever something like gases that never run or can be infinite and that can be used as an energy resource which is hard because its hard to find something that is infinite and something that can be used as a fuel or energy source, which could be a renewable resource, like sunlight

We could live longer by using renewable recourses because they can never run out and if we stay using it we could live way longer than the expected life of 70 years of oil left on this earth. Some renewable recourses like sunlight, hydroelectricity, and biomass, could save us enough oil for another 50 or even another 70 years without wasting oil.

Advantages of Oil

  • Has one of the highest energies densities which means that a very small amount of oil ca produce a large amount of energy.
  • It is a very component in a wide variety of other industries.

Oil can also produce power 24/7 and is highly reliable.

Disadvantages of Oil

  • The biggest disadvantage of oil is that it releases carbon dioxide which also had been hidden for millions of years dead bodies, plants, and animals.
  • It also emits harmful substances such as sulfur dioxides.
  • Oil also changes into very harmful gases and carbon monoxides.

Disadvantages of sunlight are High Initial Costs, need a lot of space since, it’s not fully developed yet, you need a large battery tank because no light at night, lower production in winter months and some places on earth.

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