The Problem of Justification in King Lear

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In William Shakespeare`s the King Lear is the concept of justification that many character are struggling and dealing in the passage. Justification defined as a fairness Justice, defines can simply be translated as that people get getting exactly what they deserve, no more, no less.In William Shakespeare’s play King Lear, it is not hard to make observation why being just would be a desire by right good qualities over Mercy. I will discuss how being just,not mercy, is the deep very great value, sensed by society.

Regan is as evil as Goneril. Regan talks to Oswald stating that she should have had Gloucester dead, because ripping his eyes out and letting him go isn’t enough, and would lead him to plot against them “It was great ignorance, Gloucester’s eyes being out, To let him live. Where he arrives he moves all hearts against us.” (IV v 9-11) Regan depicts no remorse for blinding Gloucester, and not being punished gives her the time to contemplate more evil by wanting him dead.

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She’s afraid to be confronted with justice; if Gloucester were to come back powerful Regan would go through a downfall and would not be able to commit evil. Portraying Regan’s mercy would be pointless, because that would only give her more time to contemplate worse ways of committing evil, such as sending Oswald to kill Gloucester “If you do chance to hear of that blind traitor, Perferment falls on him that cuts him off.

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” (IV v 37-38)

Justice is required to properly punish people. Edgar conspicuously portrays justice to prevail over mercy regarding their enemies by saying “To know our enemies minds, we rip their hearts; Their papers is more lawful.” (IV VI 261-265) Edgar comprehends his enemies who committed evil and is suffering from them who convey no remorse for blinding Gloucester and casting him away. After all the suffering Edgar has been through Edgar comprehends that justice would be the key to seize evil and restore him and the good people to rule again.

Finally when all is conveyed and done, justice conveys to have a better effect on society over mercy. The above essay has conveyed that while it would be nice to have mercy for people to feel good and perhaps achieve a measure of reconciliation, it is conspicuously necessary and most prudent to have justice. When justice prevails, people realize the consequences of their actions, and become more aware that they could be held accountable for their actions this stops people from committing evil. Portraying mercy would be a good concept but in reality it hardly ever works. Lastly, only justice can restore the proper good people to rule so that society can be secure, safe and live better lives. King Lear conspicuously conveys that justice is supreme. Mercy is a fantasy conveyed to society’s reality.

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