The Problem of Homelessness in Ireland

Position Paper Proposition

‘The Housing policy in Ireland is fatally flawed. The obsession of relying on the market to meet the needs of Irish peoples housing needs is directly responsible for the growing national crisis that is homelessness’.


Executive Summary

We will discover the concern of homelessness in Ireland. In 2011 there were 3,808 poverty-stricken citizens in Ireland compared to 9.846. Individuals were undergoing homelessness from the phase of September 24th-30th 2018.There are 110 found resting in the Dublin area alone. We have seen over the years the Irish government letting in foreign refugees and accommodating them with shelter and jobs.

I think that this is so unfair that they are supplying these immigrants with shelter and essentials when they will not even provide there their own with something as simple as food water and shelter.

Background – Historical and Policy Contexts

Crosscare recognizes young peoples’ issues regarding finance and well-being; by this they developed a campaign to encourage credit to the poverty threshold in relation to the cutting the earning of Jobseekers’ Allowance, Crosscare (2020).

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The government ought to provide and help their citizens before they can help others.

Current Issues – Context and Importance of the Problem

  • What is the policy problem?

The policy problem is the absence of acknowledgment for homelessness in Ireland. The three highly important procedures are accommodations, income and health. Impoverishment has become a huge concern worldwide, many suffer due to joblessness, psychological wellbeing concerns, debt and substance abuse. Immigrants that arrive into the country that can’t receive a profession and earnings will wind up homeless.

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There are more male vagrants then women. Although, the extent of female vagrants is escalating.

  • When and how did interest in the problem arise?

Poverty-stricken people have higher levels of disabilities, psychological health concerns and substance abuse, which can also precede to deprivation. Homelessness is very recurrent in greater areas, i.e. Dublin. The south and east of Ireland have higher totalities of homelessness. The totals in the west are escalating, although they have the least totals in Ireland. It’s gradually beginning to rise; this can discourage them from receiving shelter as they may not be able to afford a home. I chose this topic as I feel it is a critical concern for Ireland, in 2011 there were 3,808 poverty-stricken in Ireland; compared to the 9.846 citizens experiencing poverty from the week of September 24th-30th 2018. There are 110 citizens found resting in the Dublin area alone. The inhabitants which have the capacity to transform this would be the government, the Simon Community and the Peter Mc Very trust.

  • Why does the Government need to look at this policy issue?

I feel that the government ought to consider and address the issue of poverty in Ireland because throughout the period of the 17th-23rd of February 2020, there was over 10,148 impoverished citizens in Ireland.

  • How does it affect society, or who is affected by the problem?

It affects society as there are numerous citizens residing on the streets and begging for money. It sways families and the market. It increases poverty and creates familial troubles. These inhabitants have nowhere to progress and are surviving on the streets. Many have challenges such as psychological illness, drug dependency, and intoxication. They are generally discovered breaching the law in the public domain e.g. cluttering, loitering, trespassing, public drinking, anti-begging, anti-sleeping and camping. There can be plenty of noise and disturbance from them as they are intoxicated from the drugs and alcohol and participate in unacceptable actions in the public domain, which can affect the citizens of the pubic making them feel unsafe.

  • What are the components of the problem?

The components of homelessness are primary poverty, this means citizens living on the streets., Secondary poverty is where they are moving from temporary accommodations including shelter of friends’ families and emergency accommodation. And territory homelessness is when they are settling in private boarding houses without a private bathroom or security of the tenants.

  • In what way is the policy succeeding or failing?

Crosscares’ family hubs assist fifty families, Crosscare (2019). Citizens Information (2019) describe family hubs as ‘assisting and providing for those who lost their rental homes.’ They set up a Therapeutic Crises Training Intervention programme for staff to assist infants, adolescents, and adults with valuable methods and ways to handling setbacks and crises, in order to build their resilience, Bookwhen (2020). They’ve set up Crosscare Links and Advice Networks to aid past Crosscare now living independently to preserve their home, Crosscare Information and Advocacy Services (2020). With regards to emergency shelter, (2014) mentioned how individuals felt they became over-dependant. This was especially true for adults, reporting that they felt ‘institutionalized’ and couldn’t look after themselves. Physiological issues could negatively effect young peoples’ academic progress, particularly in temporary accommodation. Peart and Byrom (2017, p.6) discussed how lack of space may result in a failure to do adequate assignments or homework.

  •  What is wrong with the current approach?

The Irish Times (2020), stated homelessness may not be finished, due to a lessening in the availability of shelter. One result of this issue is the individuals living within their childhood households as adults, this may effect their progress and independent being, this particular issue may not be dealt with. Discrimination may build on further poverty, according to Burrows, Pleace and Quilgars (1997) this affected their entry to primary healthcare.

  • What solutions can be suggested to address the problem?

Citizens Information Bord (2019) recommend transitional shelter, as it allows for medium-term stay. It’s important to recognize how those remaining at home with parents past the age of 25 are disadvantaged, may face prejudice, as well as humiliation from others. It’s vital to realize that impoverishment may be an issue in accessing adequate healthcare. They mightn’t have any address, as well as continuous relocation in relation to staying. These citizens might not possess files of medical records. The response might be to pinpoint the unidentified prejudice towards them.

Critique of Policy Options

There seems to be a lack of independence for young folk, there has to be a reduction in spending with an upsurge into the admittance of independent living. This could aid to feelings of being ‘constrained’ or ‘rigidity’, it’s vital that the youth have outlets as well as admittance to socializing with those in similar positions. I think my options may lack solutions.

Perspectives of my Actor on the issues

Crosscare look at poverty as a whole. They pay specific attention to the condition and well-being of the homelessness, working within areas of emigration, social welfare, immigration, asylum seekers and refugees. As advocates for youths, they provide counselling facilities and addiction projects, as well as assistance for those with disabilities. Their goal is to relocate the vagrants into long-standing feasible homes. If there is an upsurge in pay rise, this may decrease possibilities of homelessness.

Anticipation of other Actors Perspectives on Issues

St. Vincent de Paul also provide emergency shelter, but they advised contacting community facilities and to go through an interview process, from there they may instruct them to indicate to the local governments and assist with evaluations. Focus Ireland believe the prime reason for homelessness is the broken-housing system. I consider these alternatives are particularly beneficial and practical.

Solutions I wish to Propose

Those under 18 are only earning 7.07, this needs to be increased for particularly for the vagrants entering part-time jobs, by the time they are over 18 they will most likely be providing for themselves. One of rationales for homelessness, is excessive residing for the students.

Infants are somewhat secluded from family members as well as their own locality, Health Service Executive (2019). This is owing to the limitations in the family hubs as well as hotels. Impoverished juveniles might similarly be denounced and victimized.

They could possibly worry that their deprivation and situation might be a concern, when befriending others. Please adhere to equality in this system, they do not deserve to be locked away from the world.

It is clear that the vagrants currently have concerns regarding the health services. Reports from the Irish examiner (2018), stated that a shocking 65% of homelessness had attempted suicide. Therapeutic assistance simply allows numerous sittings for every individual. Waiting periods are lengthy if you are not yet enlisted. It would be essential if there were additional assistances, and that concerns were to be dealt with in a timely manner.

With regards to the (2014) here have been reports on ‘negative’ prejudices on vagrancy. The concerns and traumas of the homelessness were unrecognized by the providers of services, the Irish Times (2020).

It is vital that the youth have stability within their accommodation. It is highly essential to look at the repetitive issues that get in the way of achieving this. To reduce the expenditure of non-familial living, for adults 18 year and over. A lot are flooded into family hubs and emergency accommodation.

For adjustments on one-night emergency shelter:

  • There may need to be a provision of social workers,
  • An extension of time for families to stay.
  • This might involve a costly surg

 Proposed Implementations of Solutions

How much, approximately, will these solutions cost to implement?

Following covid-19, there may be additional expenditure on the health and lives of the poverty-stricken. According to Journal Media Ltd. (2020), there would be an investment in approximately ‘166 million’ in the expense of ‘emergency accommodation aid, daily provision’ and continuous sustainability, with about a further 333.5 million in land, housing and financial facilities. There has been an increasing amount of homelessness crammed into accommodation put on to the social housing list. 497 million has been given to the Housing Assistance Payment, as well as 789 million for construction of social housing, Journal Media Ltd. (2020).


We would choose our approach to ensure that their fundamental rights are respected. If we look at different aspects of our own situations, a poor citizen was or can be us, we are equals in society.

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