The problem of homelessness Essay

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The problem of homelessness

Homelessness is the big problem in Unite State. It’s like a group that people are living in the street. People become homeless for many kinds of reason although sometimes not their willing to be. Not only in the United States, but also in other countries had the same problem. So, homelessness is international problems. Also, a country has a lot homeless, it will affect the children. Children are the hope of the country, if the children cannot grow up normally, the country cannot be better even decline. Due to some misconceptions of people make above of the effects came out, so many homeless can’t be gotten supports and helps by people and government. The misconception for the homeless effect deeply in U.S. This is the main point that people don’t care the homeless any more. By researching, there are the common misconceptions about the homeless. For example, almost all homeless people have major mental health problems. Obviously, the stereotype is not true. Because people have misconceptions about homeless people. People will keep away from homeless people that avoid being hurt. So, most homeless people can’t accept any health care and support. As a result, most homeless people impossible to be healed. By the way, when I met a homeless person who was talking to me, I would feel scary also. Because they look dirty, I was afraid that they would hurt me. In general, I’ll keep away from them. However, the homeless people are living street, that’s mean can’t live normally.

They are dirty because they don’t have chance to clean themselves rather than lazy. I have once had these beliefs before I didn’t realize what the truth was. Sometimes the stereotypes are harmful for the homeless. For instance, many people suppose they are lazy. For various reasons, even the homeless cannot like a normal, much less to find a job. Otherwise, they maybe not were being the homeless. It’s back to before, so what are the rationales that lead to people becoming homeless? There are three main reasons that people become the homeless. First of all, the domestic violence affects a lot women and children. More than a half of the homeless women with children may have experienced for domestic violence becoming the homeless. Second, people became homeless because of the bad economics. In United States and China, people lose their job and face the inflationary force; they can’t afford housing even life supplies lead to become homelessness. Third, mental health problem force people to become homeless. For instance, they are addicted to drugs and alcohols. Dugs and alcohols can make people psychosis. They almost can’t take care of themselves even work. Because they don’t get help, without medication helping lead to become homeless.

Above of three reasons are similar between United States and China that people become homeless. From the research, we know a lot women and children are affected by the domestic violence and more and more youth and young adults with child who are homeless have suffered violence in their homes. What the children may happen if their parent is homelessness? First, it effects on children’s physical health. Like, homeless children get sick easier than other children. Second, it effects on children’s mental health. For instance, they delays development slower than other children even malnutrition. Last, it will effect on children’s success in school. They may not graduate from school. However, there have some ways that school and teachers can help and support the homeless children. For example, free therapy, collaborative, and kind of supports. Compare the systems with China, some of children who are homeless living by stealing or some of them will lost and die.

In China, a lot homeless would be cared by people before, but following year by year, people don’t care any longer even feel dislike. Most homeless are begging for money panhandlers, now the panhandlers are divided 2 types. One type is called true baggers, such as they are disable, children, elderly, blind, deaf. Another called professional baggers. They always work on the street using the ways that make people give money to them. For example, they’ll block you until you give them money. Due to the fake baggers appeared, people started to hate the homeless. However the true homeless are affected that people don’t care them anymore. In the U.S, the government, agencies and volunteers are as supporting for helping homeless people, but in China. Because of the professional baggers, people’s attitude become negative even the government, only volunteers will help the homeless.

To conclude, homelessness issue still needs people’s and government’s help in all over the world. The homeless people, especially children, they really need to be helped and supported. Although our power are lack, collect more and more people and funds to help and support homeless people so that the homeless issue will be solved in the future. Let’s take action to organize some programs, throw the stereotypes away and do our best to help homeless people make the world better and better.

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