The Problem of Conservation of Endangered Species Of Animals

The Environment Commission. The Issue of Conserving Endangered Animals in the Jungles of Southeast Asia. Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal Fully aware that for palm oil production, an area equal to 300 football fields of rainforest has to be cleared out, mostly not incorporating sustainable measures, Noting with approval of the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) that there are 18.7 million acres of forests lost every year and an area the size of 27 soccer fields lost every minute, Reminding all nations of the statistics of two-thirds of all wild animals living on Earth estimated to vanish by 2020.

Noting that unsustainable and ill-regulated trade in wildlife poses an unequally large threat to biodiversity and the preservation of species in Southeast Asia. Having considered the idea that the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme has a partnership with the UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre, the UN Environment International Ecosystem Management Partnership, and the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Branch, Disturbed by the occurrence of widespread logging degrading the primary areas of the Southeast Asian jungles, making the areas prone to fire in 1998.

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Bearing in mind that the citizens of many Southeast Asian countries are unaware of the effects that deforestation has on their lands. Calls upon all members of the UN (United Nations) and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) in order to spread awareness on the issue of endangered animal species in the jungles, through ways such as but not limited to: advertise the ever-increasing number of endangered animals and ever-decreasing forested areas in Southeast Asia using accessible public media, such as but not limited to: social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WeChat and other forums to facilitate the distribution of information on the endangered animal species in jungles nation-wide television advertisements evidently showing the devastating impacts of this issue through video clips and photographs of the jungles of Southeast Asia

Advertisements such as photos or videos displayed on subway stations or bus stations to attract people’s attention while they wait for the form of transportation to arrive articles that share the opinions of experts on this issue or those that share facts or statistics regarding deforestation in Southeast Asia news reports that will show the situation in the local area and give the public an overview of said issue provide information to age groups between the ages of 12 to 22 regarding deforestation through mandatory education on: how the destruction of an ecosystem will affect the rest of the world and thus will not be the problem of only Southeast Asia how to contribute to halt or slow down the rates of poaching or logging

Organize activities for people to participate in where participants will: plant trees while getting education about the trees that are being planted, learn how to use a product’s labels to check whether or not the product has been derived from lands where forests have been cleared out; Suggests the United Nations to set a quota on the number of trees that can be cut down annually, based on the number of trees that has been found to not negatively impact the rainforest when cut down, this quota being set every year during an annual UN conference only set for this sole purpose; Requests all member states to support the halt of the practice of poaching, logging or illicit wildlife trade within problematic areas through the use of technology such as but not limited to:

Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAVs) to use drone technology as a way to monitor situations in the jungle.

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Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tools (SMART) to measure, evaluate and improve the power of site-based conservation and law enforcement patrols, anti-poaching patrols and specially trained sniffer dogs preferably supported by willing member states; Strongly recommends the creation of an organization or a committee under the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), in order to allow an exclusive focus on issues in only Southeast Asia, due to purposes such as but not limited to: provide a platform where the committee can efficiently research, gather, and organize data of the environmental situations in areas near Southeast Asia.

Facilitate the sharing of failures and successes of previous attempts to halt the an increasing number of endangered species split the committee into smaller groups to take responsibility on certain facets of the issue, allowing them to promote efficiency in the work, in ways such as but not limited to: the creation of a committee consisting of member states with developed technologies to not only publicize, advertise and research about the issue but to also create a website where anyone could easily share their own solutions and ideas pertaining to the issue, the creation of a committee with specialized experts from diverse organizations to visit the actual site and collect accurate data to keep up with weekly updated information regarding desertification the creation of a committee where experts and delegations will discuss possible alternatives for wood resources;

Encourages all member states to assist in taking extensive care of endangered animal species using ways such as but not limited to:  help to create a habitat for endangered animals to live in, while finding ways to make their original habitat more life-sustainable, asking MEDCs (More Economically Developed Countries) and LEDCs (Less Economically Developed Countries) experts and researchers to hold a number of researches to find the most suitable habitat for the species; Urges relevant member states to collaborate with the UN on law enforcement in all areas of the jungle in ways such as but not limited to:

  •  reviewing already existing laws regarding the use of the jungle
  •  updating laws for the laws to fit current situations
  •  getting rid of certain laws that have not helped solve the issue in previous years
  •  creating new laws to strengthen limitations to the usage of the rainforest
  •  place stricter consequences for going against set regulations.


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