The Principles of Power and Conflict in Relationships Essay

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The Principles of Power and Conflict in Relationships

As relationships are formed we establish power dominances in any kind of relationship such as friendship, love, family, and in the workplace. I believe that the roles of who has power are changing in every type of relationship. Change might be welcome but as roles are changing not all support changes in the relationships such as in the workplace, and family. The principle of power comes in play most of the time in a workplace enlivenment. Since there are different types of relationship there are different role, rules, and characteristics in every relationship. Characteristics in relationships such as a relationship of love, friends, family, and the workplace. In the movie Wall Street (1987) the two main characters Gordon Gekko and Bud Fox have a relationship that is control by separation of power that causes conflict.

One type of relationships we form often is friendships with other for very reasons but we decide with whom we make doe friendships with. We might form friendship for school, work, business or sometime just to have someone there for you. Friendship is when the mutual feelings of trust, is affection and somebody emotionally close, or is an acquaintance. There are some characteristics of a friendship there has to be interpersonal communication between the people in the friendship. Friendships must be mutually productive said by DeVito it mean you can destructive to one another just to befit yourself. Every relationship is affected by culture, gender, and technology. Culture affects because we might base on what we were taught. Gender influences your friend and how you look at that friendship. Technology influences the most with all the social networks we meet all types of new people and keep in touch with old friends. Even though we all form relationship they are not all the same and there are different types of relationship.

There are three major types of friendship: reciprocity, receptivity, and association. The reciprocity friendship is the excellent type, characterized by loyalty, self-sacrifice, mutual affection, and generosity. Reciprocity friendship is based on equality the persons in the relationship each give and receive equal amount of benefits and rewards of the relationship. Receptivity friendship, in difference, is imbalance in giving and receiving one person in the primary giver and one is the primary receiver. The imbalance of the relationship is a positive because each reason gins something, and the different need of both the giver and receiver are satisfied. The association friendship is a transitory one; it might be describe as a friendly relationship rather than a true relationship. An example would be the relationship between Gordon Gekko and Bud Fox, Gekko a high-rolling corporate raider and Fox young-and-hungry broker idolized him drove to work with him. Gordon Gekko has no loyalty, no great trust towards Bud Fox. Gekko goes behind his back making deals without Fox’s knowing, and is willing to go as to change their plan without telling him.

The relationship between Gekko and Fox is a parasocial relationship is a term used by social scientists to describe one-sided, “parasocial” interpersonal relationships in which one party knows a great deal about the other, but the other does not. Gekko know a lot about Fox like he knows how his dad works at the airline he is trying to buy, that’s why he what Gekko to buy it to save his dad jobFox is just young-and-hungry broker, and he know that he is willing to do what he has to do to work with him. Fox only knows that Gekko has power he is the elephant, the big league, he thinks he can take him all the way to the top league. What he doesn’t know is that Gekko change his mind on saving the airline and saving Fox’s dads job but to sell the airline in parts. He also doesn’t know about the deals Gekko make behind his back.

We have relationship with friends but also relationship of love. Love is a feeling characterized by closes and caring and intimacy, passion, and commitment. Although there are many theories of love, the conceptualization that captured attention of interpersonal researchers and continues to receive research support is a model proposing that there are not one but six types of love (Lee, 1976; Kanemasa, Taniguchi, Daibo & Ishimori, 2004). Eros: beauty and sexuality, like narcissus that fell in love with the beauty of his own image, the erotic lover focuses on beauty and physical attractiveness. Ludus: entertainment and excitement, love is experienced as a game, as fun. Storage: peaceful and slow, lacks passion and intensity. Pragma: practical and traditional, practical and seeks a relationship that will work. Mania: elation and depression, characterized by extreme highs and extreme lows. Agape: compassionate and selfless, egoless, self-giving love. Depending on which one is the type of love relationship you have you can have the power in the relationship. The type of love relationship we have can be influenced by culture, gender, and technology.

Depending in what culture you were raised in may highly impact on what type of love relationship you have. For example the French scored higher on agape compassionate and selfless, egoless, self-giving love (Murstein, Merighi, & Vyse, 1991). United States scored higher on storage and mania than the French, peaceful, slow, elation and depression. Gender also influences love relationships. The difference between men and women are considered great in the United States. In Poetry, novels, and mass media, men and women portrayed as acting very differently when falling in love.

Family you might reply that a family be made up of of a husband, wife and one or more children. The characteristics of families are defined roles, recognition of responsibilities, shared history and future, shared living space. In the family there are defined roles such as the father makes the money and the wife is maintenance person, cooks, cares for children, and housekeeper. But times are changing women are now making the money and the man stays home, some are for change while others are against change. Family members see themselves as having certain obligation and responsibilities to one another. For example to having responsibilities such as to comfort a family member when a family member is distressed, to take pleasure in their pleasure. The primary relationship has a shared history and the prospect of shared future.

Relationship violence there exist the possibility for what has come to be called “the dark side” of relationship, interpersonal relationship- friendship, love, and family. Relationship violence may be distinguished in three type’s verbal or emotional abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse. Verbal or emotional abuse, the abuser may degrade you; engage in economic abuse as regulatory the finances or preventing you from working; and/or isolate, criticize, or stalk you. Physical abuse includes threats of violence as well as pushing, hitting, slapping, kicking, choking, throwing things at you. Sexual abuse involves touching that is unwanted, accusations of sexual infidelity without reason, forced sex, and references to you in abusive sexual terms. There are effects of relationship violence there are variety of consequences to relationship violence: physical injuries, psychological injuries, and economic “injuries”.

But with every relationship there is conflict, there are different reason for there to be conflict. Not every relationship is profit everyone has their ups and down about them. Sometime there can be conflict because of disagreement between persons and there wasn’t a solution. Conflict be about parents, money, what college should the child should go to and a lot more reason. I believe we should just try to work out a solution to the reason for the conflict. We can try to manage conflict like if something that the other person is doing is bothering you should tell them right away then just keeping it inside until you blow up. It better to deal with the thing that will cause conflict early while it still a small thing than when it big. Power is the ability of one person to influence what another person thinks or does. Power is not reciprocal if someone has a lot of power than that mean someone has little power. Some People are born into power while some work to death to get on top.

There are people that are controlled powerless and there are the ones controlling them the powerful. I think that power should be shared not to just let one person to have all the power it can be done if there was a system. Some people can lose their power while others can increase their power. Culture has a part to who has power and who doesn’t have power counties. There is a culture where men have all the power over the women and there are places where power is equal. Power has a huge part in everything we do from work, school, friendship, love and family. There are different people who have power some use their power for good and there are some that use it for selfless reason.

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