The Principles of Advertising

Advertising has been used around the world for centuries, becoming more popular in the nineteenth century, and has always been used for the same purpose, that purpose being to persuade an audiences attention to one’s product, service, or need. Advertising surrounds one’s everyday life, and advertisements use various techniques to appeal one’s eye including the use of: celebrities, and sex. This becomes evident in an ad for Dolce and Gabbana perfume, which focuses on celebrity appeal and sex, while targeting the audience of women.

The Dolce and Gabbana perfume ads purpose is to sell a new women’s fragrance, targeting women as their audience, and using a celebrity -that celebrity being Giselle Bündchen, a former Victoria’s Secret model, -in order to persuade women into buying their product. By using a celebrity in their ad, it makes the brand appear very valuable, and since Giselle is promoting the perfume, it must mean that the brand is excellent and trustworthy.

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If the ad were to use a regular woman whom no one was familiar with, the ad might not look as trustworthy, and wouldn’t attract a very big audience of women. Giselle Bündchen is seen as a beautiful, glamorous and successful woman, which is why she is the perfect candidate for this particular ad. The ad is connecting the perfume with Giselle, which means women like her, or women who want to be like her, will be intrigued with the ad. The ad is clearly stating that by buying the perfume, women will share similar qualities with Giselle.

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The ad also uses the celebrities sex appeal. At first glance, it is obvious that the ad portrays a lot of sex appeal, and because of that some would think the target audience would be men. But after studying the ad, it becomes clear that this is an ad for women because it’s a women’s perfume the ad is trying to sell. They way the model has positioned herself in the ad shows a lot of sex appeal, along with her ‘pouty lips’ facial expression.

This ad is showing a strong, confident women, and also added in sex appeal. By Dolce and Gabbana adding the sex appeal into this ad, it is showing this women clearly has a lot of confidence in herself, which could also give the person looking at this ad lots of confidence as well. The purpose of this ad is to have the reader stop and be intrigued by the ad, and if this ad were to be placed in a magazine such as Cosmopolitan, any women wouldn’t hesitate to stop and look at the ad to find out what it’s all about, and by that Dolce and Gabbana has succeeded in getting their brand noticed. Though advertisements have been used for many decades, they have changed over the years in order to be creative, and also to continue to gain more people’s attention on their product. The most common way to gain an audience on ad’s lately is to use celebrities, and also to use sex appeal which can be seen in this Dolce and Gabbana ad, and with various other ad’s out there today.

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