The Prince Essay

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The Prince

When I read the short story the prince about S. Leon Kleinman who every two months would call in sick at his job and go to museums and just have a his own little day off. I thought what the heck is this guy doing and how is he getting away with this but threw out the whole of this short story I thought he was very crafty and had a good thing going.

Mr. Kleinman worked at an office type job and dreaded working there and thought that all the people were stupid and he hated them so he did it to have his little private time but this little scheme finally game to an end when his boss Mr.Graham found out that he was skipping and called him to his office to see what was the deal and so kleinman came in and they started talking and his boss was asking him questions and kleinman was admiring his painting and Mr. graham saw this and he saw that he had a creative side when he was making statements like to own a prince painting one must be a prince and then the boss Mr. graham offered him a promotion for having such an understanding and love for art.

The ending of the story I have to admit I was not expecting that he would get a promotion out of all the things I thought he would maybe get fired and it was kind of ironic because he skipped work and it got him promoted and it spoke on the kind of person he was and all this proved that you can beat the system if you plan it right just like how you saw in this short story and he did all this to do what he loved which was art which helped him in the long run.

Other thoughts that came to mind when reading the prince were wow this plan is going to back fire on him and he shouldn’t be taking all this time to miss work when he should be at the office doing the work and try to better him self in his job and try to get a promotion but I don’t think he really cared about money he just cared about art and he would risk losing his job to look at art and I thought that was very interesting and this story showed that if you want to do what you like in life you should do every thing you can do to do it.

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