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The Prime Minister Essay

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The Prime Minister still didn’t believe him so god ended up killing all mortal things, the prime minister is scared god tells him he can raise the dead and the prime minister asks god and begs him to bring everything back as it once was then god closes the lid on his coffin and says why? Who are you? Like the prime Minster once questioned god. So then all life was over. God did this in the story because that was his way or saying he does not want humans to interfere with how humans are created and it is not right for humans to be created by any other means other than the natural way.

It is a kind of warning sign this story is sending the message across that creating humans in other ways is not right and shouldn’t be done. But man really want to play with science and be like god once was because they would love to be responsible for a new human race and feel like a really powerful person like a leader, but these people often plan on doing this without thinking about the consequences, they are generally greedy money wanting people and only think about the facts that they will be rich and god like and a leader of a new human race, they totally ignore the fact that things could go wrong though.

In Mary Shelley’s story..

Frankenstein many things go wrong. The story is about a normal everyday human (Victor Frankenstein) a boy who grows up to be a doctor and study medicines and humans. In the story Victor Frankenstein creates a living thing much like a human but this creature was made from dead peoples body parts that Victor stole. Victor was being greedy and did not think about the bad points, just the good he did not think of the consequences. In the story Victor later admits this. Here is a quote form the story proving this: “I did not think beyond putting my ideas into action all I wanted to do was to prove I could make life” (pg 16)

that quote also shows a reason why he wanted to do it. He wanted to prove he could make life. Again a greedy reason thinking of all the money he would get out of it. Again it tells us how desperate man is to be the creator and leader of a human race. They long for powerfulness over a new race. This is not good as it could get well out of hand. Victor Frankenstein was a man broken down by sorrow, hen he was younger his mother died during childbirth I think this is why victor was so desperate to create new life and make life last longer. He was very interested in science and wanted to be the BEST creating a human would make him the best.

He felt the need to be a kind of god using his scientific powers. But then when the creature had been finished it turned out very ugly and ran away from Victor. Victor had already come across a problem as soon as the creature woke up! The monster started killing humans, he was angry because he was different to other living things. He felt he needed to be loved he realised he was different to others and got angry, he knew no-one would love him. Because people discriminated against him he turned very nasty. I think this is how Frankenstein his self (Victor) felt that’s why he created this-to get attention.

This is very worrying. I feel that is what may happen nowadays and there would be many problems if it did. Mary Shelley the author of Frankenstein had a bad life herself and a tough time growing up, I feel this is why she was so good at expressing her words while describing how the monster felt. Mary Shelley is concerned with ethnics and relationships with the human consequences of both the monster and Frankenstein and his loved ones of how we should live in times of rapid change and this is just as relevant to us now as it was for her then.

I feel she is sending the message across that it will cause us lots of problems if we play god and change the rules of creation. I think Mary Shelley is just another person who has thought about the whole idea of manipulation and is scared it will get out of hand, although it is very hard to stop humans play god. I think she wrote Frankenstein to warn us things could go bad. Its very hard to stop all this though, humans are already starting to clone things one example is dolly the sheep. Doctors cloned a sheep and named it dolly the name dolly sounds very innocent to make it sound like a good thing.

Many people think it’s a good idea because sheep aren’t exactly a very intelligent animal and the more sheep we have the more lamb there is to eat and wool to make things with, so it sounds like a good idea but there can be downsides to this the sheep are like zombies and there can be sheep that go wrong and are formed wrong. It is cruelty to animals and shouldn’t be done, again it’s all down to selfishness that’s what it all boils down to. People who want to be rich they are greedy and don’t even consider how cruel it is they just think about how much money they will have.

Cloning sheep is not for the benefit for mankind, neither is cloning humans it is just peoples desires to be god like it is wrong and selfish people just crave to be leaders of new races that’s all. The doctor who created dolly the sheep wants permission to clone humans but I think that’s going to far, it would not be successful there would be too many difficulties and there would be a lot of racism going on, so cloning is not very successful. Frankenstein is very relevant to the stories we hear in the newspaper that’s why it is such a good story!

Its about a man getting greedy trying to prove a point that life can be created in different ways, but why does it have to be put into action? We know it shouldn’t be done!!! Man is getting to clever for their own good. I think Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein as a warning to us that making new life using science is wrong and dangerous. And that there is only one god, n nature should be let to run its own course, I think the articles in the newspapers are trying to tell us what’s going on and we should put a stop to it.

Making all these new races is not a good thing it is dangerous and very unsuccessful. Victor Frankenstein in the story is like god in the story of genesis but the thing is what Frankenstein done was very dangerous. This should be a very clear warning that it should not be done. Also I think dolly the sheep was created so they thought if they could successful clone a sheep they could do bigger and better things! But thankfully there are many articles telling people it is wrong so hopefully it will put more people off.

Frankenstein probably was the best story to show us what can happen and I’m sure Mary Shelley intended to do that. It is a very good book and sends across a very strong point. I believe that it is always men because people think that the word men or man seems more powerful and stronger I myself don’t believe this and I think especially in this day and age woman have the same right as men. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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