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The Price of Success: What it Actually Takes to Achieve a Goal

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Success requires sacrifice everyone goal in life is to be successful in some way to achieve this it will require sacrifice but worth it or not many people are willing to sacrifice for what they desire because it is a costly sacrifice now shall we begin. the wind was blowing leaves were falling and floating around. there was a slight chill on my neck. the sun was lowering down it was during autumn. I was outside I decided to head inside my house it was covered with the orange sunset light.

I was on my way home from a track meet thinking the words coach had previously said to me ¨I think everybody has to be ready to sacrifice for the team and it may have to be you I know you made it to the championships but only as a secondary back up if the top 2 runners opt-out you be replaced by Rayford.¨

The word rang in my head as if I had had headphones on for hours and recently had taken them off.

I knew what I had to do to run in the championships where I could either make a title for myself or walk away with a defeat.

I began training for the 400-meter dash conditioning had begun day by day running 3 laps with an 80-pound vest for endurance and mountain climbers for speed improvement did this continually for three weeks missing three track meets by the fourth meet I believed I was ready and I participated at the meet and at the time of my race I continued to the track as my team was called we lined up and I was in the last race for my event when my name was called I lined up on the track my stomach was full of butterflies.

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I was on the track thinking only about what would happen if I lost my hands were shaking as the shot rang out I took off I was at half speed as I turned my head to look at the other competitors I saw I was behind into places so I picked up my pace as we reached the halfway mark I got up to full speed leaving everyone behind with a stunning time of 1.02.

I thought for sure I had got into 1 place on my team when we got the results I was still dead last everyone had got a new record fastest time being secs 59.8 lowest being 1.02 although I had not one I had still got as a backup runner lucky for me so I had to go to the championship I was at my lowest mentally as we arrived at the stadium what was minutes had seemed like hours to me I was sitting in the stadiums sulking in shame of not being the top runner my friends tried to cheer me up by buying me food and saying kind things like you’ll do better next time.

During the races, I was called from the stadium coach told me the others opted out and Rayford was in the long jump. I was ecstatic I rushed to the locker room and changed as fast as I could and ran in line where I was chosen to run in the second to last race. When my time was as I took position on the field I was ready to win though that was probably only from adrenaline as I reached my mark my friends started cheering me on and then the shot rang out I ran as fast as I could as I reached the halfway mark another competitor started to pass me so I picked up to full speed we were neck and neck when we reached the finish I was unable to tell who had won. Soi was scared that I might’ve lost so when the timers came to tell us who had won I had learned not only did I win the fastest time in the district. I later learned Rayford had only done the long jump to allow me to participate in the race and I very thanked full to him. Lol if you thought this was a story about my sacrifice you were wrong it was a sacrifice from a friend.

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