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The President of Psychology’s 2008 Learned Society Essay

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A day before the new academic year, I just can’t stop thinking about being back in school having new activities for the society and proudly continuing the works that the founders and alumni of the society had started and pursued according to its vision and mission. I was in my stuck in my room, daydreaming, looking forward to the incoming school year and hopefully this time winning for the post I have always wanted to be at ever since I joined the society.

The start of the academic year in the university seemed to be a very pleasing scene since the election for new officers had already taken place.

At that very moment, the room felt very warm and accommodating, I was rather shocked than pleased with myself. I have won. I have actually won. Now I already have what I have always wanted. The fact that the new president is someone I knew very well made me jump out of my seat, making me stand because the members of society had started grabbing my hand and muttering “congratulations” to me.

And I certainly told myself that this year will turn out to be very exciting and much-looked forward to not only by members but by alumni of the society themselves.

In the process of my being the new leader of the society, I think a few of what has been discovered and proven ahead of time will be included and remained. Discoveries and people that might prove to be useful not only to me but to the whole society with a reminder of what is the true essence of the learned group will be used rather continuously. On top of the list is Confucius, a government leader who lived from 551 – 479 BC. An important thing that I have picked up from his reign is that a “family is a critical social unit”.

The family is considered to be the most important unit of the society since here is where a child is nurtured and taught of how to act and communicate when given the chance to meet other people. I certainly believe that the way a given family raises its children is a must. Being young, aged around five to ten is the most critical period of the individual. This is when the children start to realize life’s differences in the perspective of the people around them, the time when they will know what is right from wrong and would have that registered in their minds.

So, as to relate this to our learned society, there is a need for every member to show concern to each other in order to understand and properly interpret actions portrayed. Each member has a role or a function in the group that all will be praised for something that they have done very good at and will be criticized if the plans do not work out well. But as a family, there is always a room for suggestion and forgiveness, and also help is always extendable. The next one is during the Ancient Greece Eclectic Orientation which says that “Sophists believe a person’s knowledge is based on experience.

To support the belief that the Sophist possessed is Harry Stack-Sullivan who mentioned that the “individual is defined as the sum of interaction experiences. ” In connection with this, during the 500 – 200 BC, stoicism mentioned that individuals are reactive, which in my opinion is related to what Sophists had to say about people thoughts being based on their experiences. People tend to respond to what the environment had set for them, which made them reactive. Simple explanation is that some of the recent discoveries today will not be present if it wasn’t for the people being curious on what happening around them.

Most of the studies done, for example, Mayberry and colleagues having a research abut the coping mechanisms and effects of having a parent with mental illness on children, are mostly based on observations that they actually have. As Maurice Merleau-Ponty pointed out, “we cannot attend something unless we experience it. ” Faith and science will never be at ease with each other for some reason. Honestly, there will always be discoveries that might prove that some of the church’s teachings are quite not right and reasonable, or some may say that science is contradicting the teachings of the church.

Looking at an issue that seems to be old and vanishing already, the issue of condoms, has been given a great deal of the church. Religious, let us say, some of the religious people are not favorable of this because they say that it is contradicting what was written in the bible, “Go and multiply” as God told his people. Well, there is nothing really to argue about this because in the end, people tend to choose which to believe and follow. Choice is always a factor in this world. People always lean on the fact that they have to choose something where the benefit is always greater than the cost.

Discoveries in different fields of science have been bursting out juts like everywhere. A certain person discovered a cure for a certain disease that was considered deadly before. A new place wherein artifacts have been discovered connecting it to the people who was born three hundred million years ago. And so on. On the question of what is left for the learned group to discover, well it is not really simply to answer but on top of priority list are more vivid researches on catharsis, the one that makes people speak of everything that they have inside their minds.

Researches on the catharsis are assumed to be a great help especially to crime investigations. These can somehow make questioning on people who had just committed something against the law easier that officials or crime investigators will not have to use force on them. Those who were accused of a crime will just consciously tell every single information of the current situation. To be more specific, the question of how to let people tell everything is quite disturbing. Will there be a use of medicines, machines or just talking to that person, trying to lure out information through nice inviting way of talking?

It seems like finding something that will let that person talk without hurting him. In connection to this, I would also want to find something that can actually totally stop a person from releasing different or multiple personalities without his knowledge that he can actually be somebody totally different from who he truly is and start ruining other people’s lives and alert somebody if a certain person is just imagining things and saying that he has multiple personalities when he is just actually faking it to get away from something or someone.

Honestly, I am not really after discovering complicated things for complicated situations. I just wanted to make everything simple when everything seems to be complicated. A society is just like a fraternity, a brotherhood or say is just like a sorority, a sisterhood that has its own vision and mission. Activities and discoveries are important but the most important of all are its members. How can a group achieve its objectives when there are no people working hard for those? An organization, a society, a fraternity or a sorority needs members to operate and achieve goals.

That is why members, people, getting along with each other, unite and organize themselves for certain mission and vision are the most important ingredients in a society. Being a president is a major responsibility. Being a president is not how you dictate people what they should do at a certain moment, it is being open to listen to ideas that members could possibly have in order to improve the current status of the society. A president is someone who can guide each and every person in the society to do things that are of their strengths and most of all, someone who can bring out the best in every person.

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