The Power of Prophet Muhammad

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The Hawazin troops had been hiding in front of the Hunain valley and carrying out the strategy of Duraid bin Ash-Shimmah to carry out a sudden and simultaneous attack. Enemy forces began to launch deadly attacks. Hundreds of arrows and spears and even stones were hurled in the face of heavy rains that attacked the Muslims.

The power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do. In other words, by ‘taking initiative is first such tactic which helps in winning a war with comparatively low cost because striking first generally means catching the enemy unprepared’.

He also very successfully employed the elements of surprise, speed and mobility in his campaigns. His enemy was often taken by surprise when they suddenly (SAW) his forces at their gates. In order to keep his movements secret from his enemy, he followed complicated and sometimes even opposing routes to confuse them about his intentions. Prophet (SAW) ordered the believers to fight in sincerity.

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Counter-attack against the enemy. Lesson Learnt: From the battle of Hunayn, lesson that can be learnt is that no matter how big is the number of men in the army of Muslims, victory always comes from Allah (SWT). ‘The power of Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) army had overwhelmed the leaders of the Hawazin and Thaqif tribe and the battle ended with victory for the Muslims’ Even in the battle of Hunayn, the Prophet’s (SAW) confidence and steadfastness that re-organised the retreating army and launched a counter-attack against the enemy which won the day.

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The Power of Prophet Muhammad

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