The Power of Possessions Essay

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The Power of Possessions

Possessions hold on to the memories from the past reflecting the emotion a person holds on to. Holding onto possessions allows people to reminisce the memories from their past whether uplifting or heartbreaking, these possessions hold onto the stories we do not want to forget. In the poem “Mrs. Caldera’s House of Things”, Mrs. Caldera keeps hold of so many items of her past including pencil tips, plastic hummingbirds, tineless forks, milk bottles and many more.

Mrs. Caldera loves thinking about her childhood and having all of the items helps remind her of all her childhood memories. It is obvious that all these items bring great joy and happiness to her especially at the end of the poem when Mrs. Caldera is baking cookies and the author says, “She is humming a song from childhood,/ Her arms are heavy and strong / They have held babies, a husband,…” (7.25-27). In those lines, it is shown that Mrs. Caldera is happy with the life she lives and thinking about her past gives her great joy. In the excerpt from “Memoria ex Machina” the author feels great emotions from a silver Seiko watch and a 1973 Datsun 1200, both items which belonged to his father. Thinking back on the memories from his dad’s items brings him great fear.

It is evident that he is fearful of these items especially the watch when he says,” a pleasant hum long since obliterated by hordes of digital beeps”. In those lines, the author says how the watch was soothing to him with its pleasant hums but now it is terrifying to see it. Both the watch and the car which he has such fond memories of, now fill him with fear and despair as if he wishes he could take back the things he did. In both the poem and the excerpt it is shown that the possessions a person holds on to contains the memories from the past. They remind people of important memories in their life no matter how happy or depressing they are. With possessions, people can always remember the memories they want.

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