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The Power of Fate vs. Free Will Essay

Essay Topic:

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1001 Nights has many stories, with the same theme fate vs. free will. In these stories several characters have to deal with the choices they make and their outcome. What is fate verse free will? Fate could be more destined to happen, as free will could be the ability to do what you want, and pursue your interests. In the story, a€? The Enchanted Horse,a€? it was either fate or free will of man that decided the outcome of the story.

In ancient times fate was considered to be part of life. Almost every aspect of life was based upon fate. An example of fate in a€?

The Enchanted Horse,a€? would be when the king did not allow the Indiana€™s reward to marry the princess, so the Indian tricked the Prince into riding the horse. The Indian was locked away in prison by the King for allowing the prince to leave on the magic horse, Well, your head shall answer for it,” returned the monarch, “and if in three months he is not safe back with me, or at any rate does not send me news of his safety, your life shall pay the penalty.

” So saying, he ordered his guards to seize the Indian and throw him into prison. (Lane Pg 1).

This quote from the story shows how this story could be choosing fate for not only the prince but also the Indian. This quote once said by someone can relate to this topic and story in several ways: It is my fate to control my destiny, and it is my destiny to control my fate, People have free will and can decide how their life turns out. Regarding kings, magic, and genies, mankind has the ability to control their lives. In the story the prince had the choice to fly around or go back home after discovering the switch on the horses neck but chose to find a princess instead.

He then remembered that he had never waited to ask how he was to get back to again, and understood the danger in which he stood. Luckily, he did not lose his head, and set about examining the horse’s neck with great care, till at last, to his intense joy, he discovered a tiny little peg, much smaller than the other, close to the right ear. This he turned, and found him-self dropping to the earth, though more slowly than he had left it. (Lane pg 2) Towards the end of the story he won over the princess by beating the kings large army.

By the prince choosing free will he chose a cause and effect to take place. He chose to find a princess instead of willing able to return home. After reading the story it was hard to distinguish which is best, fate or free will. It is the enchanting story that keeps you wondering which will it be. Fate and free will both decide the turn out of the prince in this story. With the help of the magic, trickery, and kings in the story, that helped show the themes of fate and free will.

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